witty humour about cold outside
Ten Signs

10 Signs It’s Cold Outside.

Stating the obvious is just when of my things, you have to admit there have been times when it can just as helpful as it can funny.

Here are 10 witty bits to make you laugh and keep you warm this winter: ’10 Signs That It Is Cold Outside’.

It is bloody cold outside.
Sniffling leaves your nose feels like there’s a million tiny cuts inside it.
After a brief evaluation, you conclude that it’s not worth removing hands from pockets and gloves to retrieve a dropped 20p.
Your panic is no longer about getting to work on time, you just want to get there with the same number of toes you left your house with.
You no longer care about saving up for those shoes, the heating has to go on NOW.
The milk you left out this morning is still fridge temperature on your return.
That little dance that you do in your bed when you need to go wee but it’s too cold, goes on for dangerously too long.
Style has gone out of the window, you don’t even care if those layers coordinate.
You convince yourself that Uggs go with every outfit. Every single outfit.
When your wardrobe goes into chaos – Your outerwear becomes part of your indoor wear and some of your knitwear becomes nightwear.

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