10 signs that you are getting lazy
Ten Signs

10 Signs…That you are getting lazy.

You purchase a clap sensor for your lights.

You drive to the corner shop.

You watch late night presentation adverts because the remote is all the way over there.

You haven’t opened the curtains for a month. What’s the point?

You contemplate using your extreme hold hair spray to keep make up in place. The regular hold held for 2 days last time.

You haven’t used your door keys since you returned from work on Friday evening.

You pass on the tea, so you won’t have to go to the loo as much.

You feed your gold fish 7-day holiday feeds. That’s one less thing to do.

You only buy black clothes, less energy to coordinate.

Your memory foam mattress has permanent bum dip in the mattress and no memory will return it to its original shape.

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