Ten Signs

10 Signs that your relationship really is over

So before we get to the funny bits, I just wanted to say a couple of words about relationships. They have their ups and downs but the wellbeing of all parties involved is paramount. If you need advice and or support I have included a couple of contact detail at the end of this post.

Are you ready for 10 witty (slightly rude for the purpose of entertainment only) signs that your relationship is over?

They say “Morning” and you think ‘Why are you here?’

Discovering the empty carton of juice in the fridge is no longer cute.

Spending days organising the basement suddenly becomes attractive.

The journey home turns to doom when you get the ‘See you soon’ text.

The sexy lingerie moves further and further to the back of the drawer.

You encourage them to visit family and friends – Solo.

You open a secret Savings Account & actually use it.

You start to use all of your minutes’ allowance talking to anyone but them.

You genuinely don’t give a toss about whom they are talking to.

You realise that horrible taste in your mouth only comes when they’re mentioned.

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