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Ten Signs

10 Signs…That your strict budgeting has gone too far.

You’re on your 6th day this week of eating minced beef meal – That bulk buy deal was too great to miss.

Your brain translates B.O.G.O.F. as Fuck Off.

Your bath tub has become your part time washing machine – Save that electric.

 That smoky effect feature on your bedroom wall is actually from burning candles and no, there was no romance involved just winter temperature. (Be careful with candles.)

Your diary is no longer full of sales start dates and other social events, just weekly budgets.

You mistake the sound of your brittle untreated hair for an empty packet of crisp. Turns out that conditioner is needed after all.

You find yourself calculating the cheapest method of cooking. Hob V Oven V Microwave. I really need to get a life.

You charge your phone and laptop at work – even when it’s your day off.

You try to convince yourself that Vegetable Oil could be just as healthy and useful as coconut oil at a third of the price. It’s not, just in case you were wondering.

 You have a “2 squares per visit” post it note by the loo roll holder.

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