10 situation you wish you had a invisible cloak
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10 Situations Where You’d Wish You Had An Invisible Cloak

Have you ever been in a situation where you had wished that you had an invisible cloak? Well, these 10 situations will have you  cringing or laughing at just the thought.

You see your ‘good but ridiculously expensive’ ex hairdresser whilst you’re showing off your new amazing hairstyle.

The new team member gets the promotion you were so certain was yours. (Slip that prepared speech back in your pocket).

You stall your car at the light whilst flirting with the driver next to you.

The classic ‘Your card has  declined’ bastard moment.

You get incorrect change from local shop but after 5 minutes of bickering you realise that you are wrong.

Your cousin informs you that your new angelic partner that you have been boasting about, is their lying thieving ex.

After insisting to the snobbish sales assistant that you are a size 10, then having to ask for the “The next size up” Arrrgh

You wake up ‘the morning after’ with ‘company’ and do the discreet under arm check…. wow. Need I say more.

Halfway through the night you realise that you didn’t remove and redo the eye make-up demo the make up artist did that afternoon.  Has anyone noticed the two very different colours?

On returning to the bar from the toilet, your date informs you that you were not that accurate at aiming that sick. Yep it’s in your hair and all down your front.

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