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101 Most Wanted Valentines Gifts.

It’s that time again… Valentines. The day of Love and Romance. Valentines is a beautiful time of year.

All of the Love, Happiness and Romance in the air, it’s a beautiful time when you have someone special in your heart ❤️ whether they know they are or not BUT what do you gift your special person?

There are so many possibilities and that just makes it so much more difficult to choose the perfect gift.

I know it can be tricky, overwhelming even but don’t worry because I took the time to ask, text, WhatsApp, pester and annoy family, friends, neighbours and complete strangers (Thank you to the random South Londoners for the input) what they wanted for Valentines and what they think their Valentines wants that could be purchased from one month’s salary/wages.

The results were 101 Most Wanted (popular) Valentines Gifts for Her, Him and Them.

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The Valentines Survey Results

So, what did I discover when asked what people wanted for Valentines and what they think their Valentines wants (that could be purchased from one months salary/wages)?

Well, I was expecting iPhones, Holidays  , Weddings, Engagement Rings  , iPads  and other luxury gifts but the condition of one months pay meant that peoples answers were more reasonably priced. Why did I add this condition? Because there is only one months pay before 14th February Valentines Day.

There were some new discoveries, I had never heard of Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream but I want to try it, Make-Up Fridges Huh? and who knew that Boots stocked Ann Summers Gift Sets? and yes they include toys  .

So, if you need Valentines Gift Ideas for your loved one or for yourself 😂 explore 101 Most Wanted Valentines Gifts Ideas for him, her and them.

Don’t Panic, I’ve Got You (but please don’t leave it until the last minute).

Happy Valentines Day

From Basic with Life x x x


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