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11 Things To Know To Purchase A Cheap Holiday.

Yippee, people can travel again and the majority of people cannot wait to book their holidays or keep telling people how much they need one.
Now, we all know that it is hard times out here, however, I think I can help.
Don’t get too excited, I cannot pay for your holiday BUT, I can share these 11 Things To Know To Purchase A Cheap Holiday.

So, let’s get on with it the world is your oyster.

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11 Things To Know To Purchase A Cheap Holiday.

Cheaper Holiday Tips


Be free and flexible with your dates, the more flexible you are with your holiday dates the more options and prices you have.


Be adventurous when thinking of your dream destination (and airport).
Be brave, when using the search/filter function – select ‘Anywhere’ as Destination.
It’ll be surprised at the price range BUT as a mother i will say please be smart when choosing a destination.
I mean I’d turn down a £3.00 ‘5 day inclusive holiday to hell’ without hesitation.

All I am saying is not everywhere is the perfect place so, do your research, ask family and friends, google it.


So you may already know that flying on a week day is cheaper than the weekend but, did you know that the cheaper days to fly are actually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Package Holidays – Don’t be put off booking a package holiday – they have the most likely discounts overall. Check them out because they include flights as well as accommodation, airport transfers and some other things.


It is not just the day that you fly but, also the time. The more awkward the time the more likely it will be cheaper. I would describe 1 am to 6 am as an awkward time period but before you get too excited – Think about the form of transport that you’ll be using to get to and from the airport. Will it be easily accessible? No one wants to be stranded. Anywhere. Ever.


Are you ready for this one? After I say this I am going to add this to my ‘Topics I don’t discuss’ List, along with Politics and Religion.
You ready for this one?
First released flights are the cheapest flights, then 8 weeks before your holiday and then 12 weeks.
Last minute deals are very very rarely deals.
Sorry Guys but the best way to get a deal, is to book it early and wisely.



Hidden Extra Costs. Don’t be deceived by prices that seem inexplicably cheap.


Capacity and Dimensions. – Make super sure you know the correct capacity and dimensions for the airline you are researching. Some airlines have different rules and fees on luggage so check it out because It could mean hat you end up with an additional £50 plus expense if you arrive with the wrong size hand luggage. Another thing to look at is “Is the cheapest deal still the cheapest once luggage has been taken into account?


When looking for and purchasing your cheap holiday stay Anon. Seriously, don’t login, clear your browser history etc.


Because Flight prices are determined by demand, so the more you and others return to that particular deal then… Yep It’s clearly in high demand aka price goes: ^


Purchase your cheap holiday on your ‘Credit Card’ – If your holiday purchase is £100+ on your credit card then you’ll get some protection at no added cost.


All Inclusive V Self Catering – Look we all love the thought of a holiday where all meals are prepared and served but do we really want that? All Inclusive is perfect for a family holidays but not if you are going on an exploring holiday, you don’t want to be time restricted whilst discovering the secret gems of your chosen destination.

Important - Don’t forget to:

  • Check for required vaccinations for that particular destination.
  • Get Travel Insurance at the same time as purchasing holiday, it’ll start cover immediately. Reduces the risk of losing all your money if something comes up.
  • Double check insurance policy for Covid Protection.
  • Let your bank or credit card provider that you’ll be using your card aboard.
  • Let your mobile network provider that you’ll be using your phone aboard, they may suggest a bundle for cheaper roaming costs.
  • Order your sun cream.

The Staycation Option

And if all this flying talk is too much for you then, why not enjoy a STAYCATION?


  • Lauren

    These are some good tips! I am wanting to go on holiday next year. So these tips may come in handy. Thank you for sharing.


  • ellegracedeveson

    You’ve shared some really great tips and advice which I’ll defiantly be making good use of. If I can get a holiday at a reasonable price, I’ll be a happy gal and I think after reading this post, I defiantly will! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I really appreciate it Xo

    Elle –

  • Jordanne / Ofaglasgowgirl

    This is such a detailed post! Thank you for sharing. I love travelling but I’ve been a bit on the fence about booking one after seeing prices soar and hearing horror stories of the airports lol but I really want to take my son away on a vacation. Definitely keeping all these points in mind.

  • Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    I’m definitely in need of a vacation but always get put off by the cost, etc. so this was super useful! I love the ideas you’ve shared so I’m going to give it some serious thought about what I can do/try out!

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