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11 Ways To Help Survive These Shocking Gas Prices

Welcome to my latest blog post: 11 Ways To Help Survive These Shocking Gas Prices.

Dear Reader, Just to let you know this blog post contains affiliate links. x

With gas prices soaring and electricity too we have to come to terms with the fact that we may need to make drastic changes and NOW.

If you’re a regular to my blog you would have already read my previous blog posts on How to reduce your gas bill and Ways To Save Money & Energy but that was then… now things are so out of control that to be honest I am not sure how and when this scandalous crisis will end.

Looking at methods to reduce usage and bills has been the topic of conversation with suggestions ranging from slight adjustments to drastic changes.

Some of the drastic ones were laughed off but that was a few weeks ago, now those same drastic suggestions now seem more like good ideas and highly likely to take place.

11 Ways To Help Survive These Shocking Gas Prices.

So how bad can/Will things really get?

The answer to this question will probably annoy you but the answer really is…

How long is a piece of string?


At the time of writing this: households are experiencing huge jumps in their monthly gas bills from £86 to £401 per month.

Figures like these are currently sweeping across the nation, crippling consumers and keeping many awake at night.

What a mess we’re in, personally I don’t know of anyone who is not worried.

So, whilst we patiently wait for the government to do something to put this right and/or help us, we need to help ourselves. And fast.

So back to those ways of getting us through this hot mess as best we can.

Now I warn you that you won’t be happy with them all, in fact you may even refuse to consider some of them at all but the suggestions are here.

Eight ingredients, three recipes.

Buying in bulk always works out cheaper but rather than eating the same meal three days in a row why not try: One main ingredient with three different meals.

For example

Spaghetti Bolognese, Cottage Pie and Chilli Con Carne

Tinned tomatoes
Chilli flakes
Mixed vegetables
Kidney Beans

Turn that water temperature now

Yes it might be a shock at first but you’ll get use to it.

Plus there are benefits to showering in cooler water.

Choose cold over hot meals this summer

Whilst it’s the season for it, leave the cooker alone. It’s Summer Time so, why not enjoy meals that don’t need to be cooked.

With so many options in Salads, quiches, deli etc, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Asda have a wide range at bargain prices.

Close off unused rooms

If you’re not using a room or you can do without using a room in your home, turn off the radiator, fit a heavy duty draught excluder  to the foot of door and close the door.

Encourage Family Time

Spend your evenings together and you’ll be able to keep warm together in one room. Read a book aloud with the family, help the children with their homework or even Watch a documentary or quiz tv show together.

Say goodbye to those deep hot bedtime baths

Yes you heard right. Right now you have two options:
1. Shallow warm baths
2. Short warm showers

Which one is best for you is not the question here, the question is which one is cheapest?

Two Become One

Sorry Readers, this one is a bit sensitive and you may just scroll passed and I understand.

But, cutting your baths and showers from twice a day to once a day WOULD have a big impact on your bill.

I know this is going to be hard but, it may have to be the new norm.

Stay with a family member or friend

This sounds cheeky but if you make a clear agreement with the other household members regarding costs and paying your contribution, it could work out well for both parties.

This is a flask

Invest in a thermo flask like this Vacuum Insulated Flask.

Slightly old school I know but do you know how much it costs to put the kettle on?

How many hot drinks do you have a day?

Okay we’ll leave it there. 😉


It’s a cover up

Whilst the hot and warm weather is here, take advantage of the discounted throws, blankets and low energy using heated blankets And curtain liners if you can.


  • ellegracedeveson

    It’s absolutely petrifying the amount gas and electricity bills are rising but you’ve shared some really great tips here which will benefit many! It’s scary to think what’s going to happen this winter but I’ll for sure be putting your tips to good use and making some changes to my daily life. Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely. Really great post Xo

    Elle –

  • Caroline

    Great tips, it can be hard living in a student house when so many people have different opinions! I’m going to try my best to reduce my part though x

  • Sarah

    These are some great tips. The gas price rises are absolutely shocking and worrisome.
    I think I’ll be purchasing a few low energy heated blankets and have already started picking up some extra blankets from charity shops.

  • readandreviewit1

    These are some really helpful suggestions! I know so many people are struggling with gas prices at the moment, it’s awful. I’ve been trying to have more cold meals this summer and I might try to gradually switch to cold showers! Thank you so much for sharing these tips x

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