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12 Genuine Random Life Thoughts On My 43rd Birthday

So, I do this every year, as the days lead closer to my birthday I suddenly have these random questions and thoughts about the year I’ve had, my current life and the future.
I suppose it’s normal to do this, you know make plans based on things that you haven’t done, things you wish you had done and things that you just know you should’ve flipping well done.
But this year is different there are some other pretty random questions and thoughts in play this time, usually, I have one or two maybe but this year I’ve got a few more.

Maybe it’s because of all the lockdowns, Covid,  blah blah blah or maybe it’s just the age. Becoming 43 is a big thing or so I’m told, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like that big a deal.

I’m going to be 43 soon but it doesn’t feel like when I was about to be 40 or even 30, nothing too harsh, no shocks to the system et cetera.
Well, the lead up felt pretty smooth until I started thinking and entered the rabbit hole.

You know the rabbit hole that I am referring to, the one where one thought/question leads to another and then before you realise it you’ve gone clear.

This year instead of doing my Birthday Wish List, I thought I’d share my random life thoughts and questions along with some form of conclusions (if I came to one) of each one.

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Did I leave my last relationship too soon?

I don’t know why I have even asked myself this question but for some silly reason, I had to check. So yes I did it, I called, listened and it was soon (sadly) confirmed that not only was I smart to leave, I was also an idiot for not leaving earlier.


I want to learn something new

Is it an age thing that when you get to your forties you suddenly feel the need to prove that you can still learn new things? I am unsure but in the last few years, I have learned Coding, Cost Coding, Quickbooks, Advanced Excel, Project management, and Mediation. I do fancy adding proofreading, SEO and resin crafts to my skills list.


What else do I do now?

Well, this is the question – my children have grown up, I’m needed less and my brain is bored.
I have always wanted to become a Local Councillor and every year I think – is it a good time? Maybe it is.

A role as a Local Councillor along with a side hustle may well be possible.
Any Local Councillors with some advice?


Is it too late to start my own business?

I want to do freelance admin/ virtual PA work (ideally alongside being a local councillor), it’d be perfect for me especially due to health and restrictions.
Am I too old to start now though?
I need to think about this because something needs to give. Health, self-love and finances are all in play here. If you have started a virtual PA business, let me know what you think.


How many cats is too much?

I have four cats. After bumping into one on the stairs, one in the bathroom, hearing one ripping a leaflet apart by the front door and finding one sitting by her food bowl…
I can confirm that four cats are not too much but, it is enough.
Mental note to oneself – No more pets.


I want to do something random.

Oh jeez, why do I do this? This want for a random adventure every birthday is so tempting but proven time and time again, risky. My last five annual random adventures were not that smart nor cheap but yet here I am considering one again.  Am I the only one who has this annual thirst for a random adventure?

12 genuine random life thoughts


Can I be bothered to date?

Oh, I am so tired of relationships and everything that they entail (excluding the sex, of course), the looking, getting to know each other, dressing up, going out, holding your farts, meeting the parents and putting up with the dodgy relatives, synchronising schedules and all the other bits. Can I be bothered to date? is the question, however, the huge question is – Does the fabulous bits of being in a relationship make the crappy bits worth it? I dunno I am still unsure, maybe I am just comfortably content at the moment. What do you think?


I’m going to start making more of an effort in my appearance.

I entered the vortex of the super busy single Mum of many children in around 2004 and I am still there. You know the vortex of easy to care and wear clothing, the vortex where nothing needs ironing or hanging up. Yep, that Vortex. To be fair, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because I do have the odd days where I scrub up well, but I no longer fit the requirements of membership to the vortex of the super busy single Mum of many children. My youngest is now 19 years old – So any tips?


Any regrets?

Every single time I ask myself this question I smile, nope it’s not a smile before I cry kind of smile. It’s a “No haters, I have no regrets.” Yes, I could have made better decisions at times but I am so truly blessed that I have no regrets. All my errors, mistakes and delays got me here and for that I am grateful.


How else can I improve?

Well, this year I have been working on kicking my people-pleasing habits and jeez, it has been an eye-opener. There were a few other changes I had to make for my own good but you can read all about that in my other blog post. I wish I had made these changes sooner but it has put me on a journey and I am now down for some more improvements – ‘Project: Changing habits – The Next Level’ is the name of my new project and it’ll include habits in: Spending, Pain Management and Anxiety.


What am I doing with this blog?

I love my blog and if you don’t know why I started in the first place, check out my blog post ‘The truth of why I started blogging,’ I must admit the affiliate links nor the blog adverts have made me rich, and I still have debts, but they are shrinking; slowly but surely. Between my Facebook page (Follow for daily discounts and sales), blog adverts and my Exclusive Online Shopping Directory. If you fancy supporting my goal to get out of debt, you can check out and use the links*.

* Remember these are affiliate links. They will not cost you a penny to use but, I may receive a small amount that will go towards the cost of blogging and my debts.


What's Next Hun?

Here is the plan: Continue with my blog obviously, work on my marketing, pay off these flipping debts, master QuickBooks, actually start my business idea and continue being happy.


I am super proud of myself. Yes, I could do more and so I will because I can.


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