2021: What A Flipping Year + My Goals & Plans For 2022.
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2021: What A Flipping Year + My Goals & Plans For 2022.

So the year is drawing to an end, for some it’ll be thank goodness and for others the year would have been a good. I’m sure it’s the same for many, for me personally there were highs, neutrals and lows but I can’t think 2021 without thinking What a fucking year. Here’s 2021: What A Flipping Year + My Goals & Plans For 2022.

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Finances and Debt

It’s no secret that I have debt but wow 🤩 I made such progress this year that looking at my ClearScore app is like looking at porn for me 😂.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not fabulous but 738/1000 ain’t bad considering the start of my journey.

When people ask me my secret I tell them honestly – it was and is a battle, I had to be so hard on myself to break some money/spending habits and I am still have the odd battle.

My tips however were:
1. When budgeting always be realistic. Creating unrealistic budgets leads to disappointment and scraping the budget all together.

2. Cut up those credit cards and delete them from your phone wallet as well.

3. Create/ Find additional streams of income – I don’t want to give the impression that I have an empire of any sort because I really don’t but, I do have a couple tiny streams of income.


Bless the NHS. We all know about my chronic migraines and if not, check out my migraine blog posts.

The year was rough as with many people there were a few cancellations of appointments but under the circumstances I am so grateful for the service and the staff.

Botox and nerve blocker injections along with other aids has been a God send, it has not been a great year health wise but do you know what? I have had worse and I know that’d would usually been seen a toxic positive but it works for me at the moment.

Winters are always harder for me so fingers crossed it’s manageable.

Career and Hustles

My career? Don’t worry it is coming, and I can’t wait.

The hustle? Well, that’s been a bit more progressive – I have been working on a new exciting project that launches end of January 2022, subscribe for updates.

In 2021 I up’d my game with Premium Bonds, they are a better option than buying lottery tickets and if you don’t believe me, check out my previous blog post.
I also started investing this year, I’m no expert in fact I am very much a beginner but I decided on Bitcoin, SHIBA and Ethereum. Fingers crossed.

My affiliate hustle is slow at the moment positive mindset 😂 I have been working on my social media marketing so keep a look out for my ads and posts of sale announcements and discount codes for big brands. I get commission on any purchases made via the links.
I have some amazing brands so check it out and share with your friends.

Whilst I’m on the subject I’ll let you know about my Facebook page – follow me for great brands, sales and discounts😉.

I have also launched a new tiny online shop with a friend in November 2021, I haven’t promoted it to you all yet because I want to see how it goes first aka I need a bit more courage.


My love life is almost non existent and I am ok with its at the moment, I mean I am not wearing a ‘I love being single’ t-shirt whilst doing somersaults but I am not losing sleep about it, yet 😂.


2021 was an important year for my children. My twins graduated and I am so proud of them especially when students were studying during exceptional circumstances aka a virus took over our planet and let’s just say our government weren’t productively productive.


We lost some family members as well as close friends this year and that has been challenging so I won’t say much but I would like to say R.I.P. to those who have flown 🕊

Goals and Plans for 2022

This is the time of year where we reflect on the year that is closing and look at ways that we can make the new year ahead an even better one.

Some make New Years resolutions, others will make goals and others plans.

Whatever we decide to call them they are a reflection of our good intentions.

My plans for the new year are to stay focused and determined but not obsessively, here are some of goals and plans for 2022.

Need help check out my previous blog post about setting goals.

My Goals & Plans For 2022

1. Stick to my financial plan (Look out for it in my next blog post).
2. Publish a blog post twice a week.
3. Drink water daily.
4. Read a book a month.
5. Be more productive.
6. Exercise.
7. Go away for my birthday.
8. Increase my facebook followers.
9. Learn new work skills.
10. Have more family days.
11. Reduce debt by 25%
12. Grow sales with new business projects
13. Increase incomes from hustles.
14. Eat less bread.

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