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24 Amazing Products For The Mega Spring Clean

Spring is fast approaching, the days are getting longer and the Mega Spring Clean. It’s the perfect time for a spring clean, clear out, de-clutter, reorganise, and polish up.

It’s time for new beginnings.

Here are 27 brilliant cleaning products and products to give your home that new fresh spring feeling.


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Essential Products For Your Spring Clean

There are so many cleaning products to choose from, once you find a particular you then have the option of Natural, Fragrances, Colours, Active Ingredients, Forms, Prices and of course Effectiveness.

I am someone who really has to make sure that things are let’s just say germ-free both pre and post covid-19. 

Here are just some of the things that I purchase for spring clean time.

Products To Consider

Don’t forget that it’s not just about cleaning products this Spring but also cleaning equipment. Fun Times.


Bin Liners

Window and Glass Cleaner

White Vinegar

Bicarbonate Soda

Floor Cleaner

Stain Remover

Sponges and Cloths

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Limescale Remover

Oven Cleaner Kit

Mildrew and Mould Remover


De-Greaser Spray

Mop and Bucket


Dust Pan & Brush


Micro Cloth


Storage Containers

Rubber Gloves


Carpet Cleaner

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