24 sweatshirts from etsy

24 Trending Sweatshirts at Etsy That’ll Go Over Your Head.

Sweatshirts have been more popular than ever before recently, I guess that is partly to do with the lockdown. I have always been a lover of sweatshirts, easy to care for, no need to iron (I dislike ironing) and the choice of so many creative designs. We have seen some strong statements of support and feelings on sweaters for various views, charities, awarenesses and movements.

I am slightly embarrassed to say that I did not discover Etsy until 2020, but when I decided to treat myself to two new sweatshirts the other day, for the first time ever I started with Etsy.

By page two I was hooked and had to stop to pop the kettle on.

Etsy has so many sellers, designers, designs and options that this blog post could go on forever so for now I will just share some of  the banging sweatshirts I found on Etsy  with you.

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Sweatshirts at Etsy


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