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4 Calculations That Will Shock You Into Breaking Spending Habits Now.

Watch your pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.


Someone Wise

Yes, it is a good saying and it has withstood the test of time but it won’t shock you into breaking your bad spending habits but these will.

Basic with life would like to present to you 4 calculations that will shock you into breaking bad spending habits now and make you think twice before making luxury purchases.

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Those Coffees

I am not a coffee lover, but I love tea so I can kind of relate. Now I am not saying that you should go without completely but all those coffees on the way to the work do add up and it is a luxury.

One coffee @ £2.70 Monday to Friday

Week: £13.50

Month: £54.00

Year: £ 648.00


Why not try these instead?


I’m not here to judge, I use to smoke and it was difficult to stop and I was a one a night person for nearly 3 years.
How did I stop? Well, it was a combination of health, life and money but to be honest not in that order.
I switched from cigarettes to filtered roll-ups to nothing, after 6 weeks I did not think about it again. So as I said I am not here to judge but stopping saves money, lots of money.

20 Cigarettes a day  at £12.13:

Day: £12.13
Week: £84.91
Month: £339.64
Year: £4,075.68

Look What You Could Do With That ...

An extra £339.64 a month is the between £247,000 mortgage at £1,293 per month and a £310,500 mortgage at £1,632 per month.

An extra £339.64 every month towards paying off your credit cards could save you £000s over the years alone.

An extra £4,075 could cover a must needed holiday aboard or even luxury staycation.

A pint after work?

Quick drink after work? Sounds innocent and simple and it is, socialising is an important part of life and networking, but it all adds up.
Check this out:

Two Pints of Lager every Friday at £3.79 per pint:

Week: £7.58
Month: £30.32
Year: £363.84

Look What You Could Do With That ...

£362.61 is the average annual electric bill for a 1 bedroom house.

An extra £363.84 could save you from having to use your credit card.

Popping £7.58 into your ISA account, is worth doing. It’ll make you feel good and it all adds up.

Sipping On Wine

It is a luxury, but you can make it a budget luxury. Those 2 glasses of wine at your local bar add up and fast. Instead of the brand name high street wine bars, how about grabbing a bottle of wine and a quality bottle stopper – so there is no excuse to finish the bottle in one night.

2 Glasses of large wine every Friday @ £4.20 per glass.

Week: £8.40

Month: £33.60

Year: £ 403.20


Why not try these instead?


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