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5 Exciting Brews For All Tea Lovers

If you don’t you know from my previous post then by the end of this ‘5 Exciting Brews For All Tea Lovers’ blog post, you will have realised that I am a huge tea lover.

When I was younger I’d enjoy a cup of tea, two slices of heavily buttered toast and a chat with my Grandmother.
I guess that is where my love of tea started.

It was always PG Tips.
PG Tips with Carnation evaporated milk, just thought of it warms my heart.

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But the age of 9 I discovered camomile tea, but not from my West Indian family but through my best friends mum Cynthia she is Australian and opened my eyes to so many different foods, teas and art but maybe I’ll go into that another time.

My mother in law was another tea addict (as well as a clairvoyant) and so I enjoyed many a conversation with her over a wide selection of teas – our favourite brew was Earl Grey and wow we tried so many types and brands of Earl Grey we could probably make a tv show all about it.

I shared my love for tea with my four children and although they share the love they all had their own personal favourites.
Ginger & Lemon, Green, Peppermint and Chai Tea.
They are all gorgeous brews but my go-to has to be Chai. Granted there’s many varieties of Chai tea and some are more pleasant than others but in general I love Chai tea.

My Top 5 Brews

Camomile Tea

Golden Camomile

Is a comfortable, light, floral, fresh and calming tea infusion.

Lovely in the evenings.

Chocolate Tea

Dark Chocolate Tea

Is a smooth sweet tea, with a gorgeous chocolate truffle complimentary taste. Fabulous with creamy biscuits.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey

Is a gentle black tea with a floral and bergamot added romance. Perfect for the afternoon.

Chilli Chai Loose Tea

Chilli Chai Loose Tea

Is a sweet black tea, aromatic spices with a chilli kick.

English Rose Loose Tea

English Rose Loose Tea

Is a floral, sweet and aromatic black tea. If a tea can be romantic then this is the one.

Spiced Chai

Drink Me Chai Spiced Chai Latte
Drink Me Chai Spiced Chai Latte

Is a blend of natural, authentic and aromatic spices with skimmed milk and sweetened black tea.


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