5 fantastic side hustles that we need to jump on.
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5 Fantastic Side Hustles That We Need To Jump On.

It goes without saying that a second income would be helpful when trying to get out of debt and so I thought I had better find something fast.

There are so many options: Tutoring, Virtual PA, Data Entry, Modelling, Surveys, Jam Making, Proof Reading, Social Media Gigs, Make-Up Artist Freelancing, Guest Blogging, Stocks And Shares, Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Ironing Service, Ebay Listing and so many more.

After hours of researching it became clear that there were some which rang alarm bells and looked/sounded a bit scam-like. I may be wrong but my advice is to avoid the ones that request a payment. There are many out there that don’t involve payment so you should be ok.

Before I go any further I would like to point out that there are no sponsorships or affiliate scheme on this page, these are findings of side hustles that I have researched and shortlisted but not tried or tested yet, unless stated otherwise.

So what caught my eye?

Virtual Assistants

Covid-19 has made the Virtual Assistants world even more popular than before, which is great for us but beware of the little registration fee ones.

It is not necessary but I saw quite a few. That being said some great ones that even provide a free training course to prepare you and assessment tests to establish your strengths and offer the best tasks suitable.

I even discovered that there was a Society of Virtual Assistants, this site is brilliant, it has everything that you need to know to start your virtual assistant freelance business aka your hustle,  

The Society of Virtual Assistants website offers advice, information and support, they cover setting up, legal, equipment & website requirements and guidelines and Marketing.  You even have the opportunity to become a member of The Society of Virtual Assistants, which they say is recognisable and credible. This website was the most informative when it came to researching this side hustle option. There is a lot more involved than I thought so I will not be starting on this project yet but I will definitely in the new year.

 Check them out and let me know what you think. The Society of Virtual Assistants

Another VA website I found was The VA handbook. I love this site, it is fabulously put together as informative as humorous, it is full of honest advice and it covers absolutely everything. For me, this site is just as necessary as The Society of Virtual Assistants.

If you are ready for the VA world but you don’t want to start your own business like me,  then check out Virtalent.com to find some great opportunities.

User Testing

I just love user testing, it is so much fun and there are so many sites providing the opportunity to get paid to test businesses websites and apps. I have used a couple but Usertesting.com is the best one to date, they provide free training and advice and it is all hassle-free. All you need is a desktop, laptop and/or phone along with internet access and your good to start your test. Don’t worry its simple, just be sure to be clear, concise and informative. As a long-existing member, I can recommend them highly, it’s a fun, stress-free, flexible way to make a little income. A nice simple money maker.

Check them out HERE

Cat Sitting Service

As a cat lover, I was excited by this possible money maker but it was short-lived and that’s not because it wasn’t a lovely way to make money but because I have two pretty spoilt cats, who probably would not be too happy about the new guests and unhappy cats damage things, which costs money. That’s counterproductive, so needless to say cat sitting was the first on the list to be crossed off.

However, if you’re a cat lover and have the perfect setting for a cute furry friend then check out –  The London Cat Sitting Company and Care.com

Trading 212

This is a whole new world for me, I have always avoided this like stocks and shares etc but seeing numerous ads and after watching several YouTube videos, I decided to have a look at Trading 212.  Now if you are like me and are looking for a little income stream running in the background with minimal risk but you are new to all of this, then I suggest you do the same as me and have a good read of their site, do some googling and jump on YouTube for info, advice and reviews. With 0% fee and 0% commission  I decided to give it a try, then I realised that they have a demo mode that you can sign up to, have a go the demo is risk-free. Have a go and

If you have had any experiences with Trading 212 let us know how it went in the comments.


AppJobs has a vast range of super short to long task jobs, some are for known companies whilst some are small businesses, either way, this is a productive way to start off.

They cover many countries and cities including London, UK. AppJobs is definitely worth checking out, they have so many opportunities I was impressed. Evenings, weekends, once a week, one offs, they had it all.

Fill your free time and your pockets. Check them out HERE.

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