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8 Genuine Reasons to Drop Shower Gel for Bar Soap.

Who remembers life before shower gel and body wash?

Yes that’s right there was soap (bars) before the boom of shower gels and body washes.

Before the new wave came, good old Pears Soap and Palmolive Soap Bars were standard in our soap dishes.

Oh yes, soap dishes that’s another item that’s rarely seen in our bathrooms now.
So, what happened to our traditional hygiene cleaning product? And was the replacement an improvement or a fail?

This blog post looks at the difference between soap and body wash, their pros and cons, my tried and tested product reviews and a selection of amazing bars of soap that may tickle your fancy.

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Pros and Cons :

So we know the difference between a bar of soap and a bottle of body wash but what are the pro and cons of using bar soap or shower gel and body wash?

Bar Soaps

  • Bar soaps are more effective at removing dirt and odours due to ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate.
  • Bar soaps are often the best way to get your skin clean especially for those who suffer from strong body odour.(Choose an antibacterial bar soap).
  • Soaps are brilliant for acne prone skin due to the antibacterial properties in bar soap.
  • Bar soaps are generally cheaper and use less packaging than body washes and shower gels.
  • Bar soap are great at cutting oils and grease so, are great for oily skin and problems that oily skin are prone to.


  • Although Bar soaps are often the best way to get your skin clean, their active ingredients often cause skin to dry out.
  • Once opened bar soaps can become messy and unsightly.
  • Dry skin sufferers need a highly moisturising lotion or cream as part of their skincare routine.

Shower Gels / Body Washes

  • Shower gels and body washes don’t have bacteria buildup as soap bars do as stored in a container protecting the product from bacteria.
  • Suitable for a wider range of skin types because of the combination of ingredients.
  • Contain natural and synthetic ingredients to stop residue clinging and remaining to the skin.
  • In general a noticeable boost in skin hydration.


  • Planet harm due to packaging and some non environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • In general have a higher product cost.
  • Hydration properties can make gel/washes less effective at removing dirt, oils and most importantly odours.

Soap is back

Whether you like it or not Bar Soap is back and with such a wide range of products with amazing beneficial ingredients, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Do you?

3 Great Bar Soaps

Here are three soaps that I can’t wait to try…

Need more convincing?

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