8 steps to a budget quick and easy bedroom makeover
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8 Steps To A Budget Quick & Easy Bedroom Makeover


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Who fancies a bedroom makeover that’s easy on the pocket, requires little skill and can be done in an afternoon? That’s what I thought.

Completing a bedroom makeover project is not as stressful nor challenging as you may think.

When considering a makeover on the budget, it’s a good idea to decide on the five elements of your room that you would like to replace or introduce to your room.  

These  can be Curtains, Cushions, Rug, Net Curtains, Throw, Bedding, Mirror, Lighting, Side Tables, Knobs & Handles, Plants, Storage,  you get the idea.

Now don’t be boring with the colours don’t forget this is supposed to be a bedroom makeover, not a bedroom gloom, I have added some colour scheme palettes to give you some ideas. Whatever you do, do not use the same colour throughout. Just don’t.

Colour Ideas

There are so many glorious colours and tones around us, just look out of the window and you’ll see. Whether it is summer spring autumn or winter, our planet showcases its beauty at every opportunity.

As promised I will not drown you in an abyss of colours and hex codes but I will give you a few colour themes that you can start with or just to give you an idea of how to find your own colour scheme.

Picking your elements.

Once you have a colour scheme and your budget then you are ready to shop.  You will be surprised at what replacing and or introducing just a few things to your room.

Blinds & Curtains

Dressing your window can be a simple way of drastically changing any room in your home. With so many options, before you even get to the colours and patterns it can seem like a challenge so why not check out Make My Blinds. 

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