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9 Things To Help Sort Our Shit Out For A Better 2021


It is the beginning of December 2020 and I am already thinking about where I fucked up this year with my goals and how I can avoid it in the new year but that’s not all I am thinking about, to be honest. I want to make more time for myself to do things that make me happy. It is no secret that a happy person attracts happiness well positive frequencies anyway.

So, I have set myself a mission, I need to find tools, aids and tips and tricks to help me out with my bad habits & offences and what are these offences you ask, well here they are big and bold.

Types of Offenders

Unsure if you are a guilty, well read on to discover the types and factors of each offender and see if you can relate.

Don’t worry I have added some handy tools that could help to stop us from re-offending and all in time to get you ready for the New Year, I am confident that we’ve got this fellow debt free travellers.

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The Offences

1. The Budget Flopper

The Budget Flopper budgets to the penny and does so routinely, however, the budget is not followed throughout the month.

Guilty as charged but made huge progress. My budget flops are usually down to me treating myself without budgeting for it, this is what I have learned to call ‘Harsh budgeting’.

I always thought it was the best method but since speaking to others and reading others stories, I soon realised that many people budget themselves into their budget. In fact, there were many who actually pay themselves first.

So for 2021, I am paying myself on the 16th of every month, that’s the time that I start to get fed up. It’ll be a sort of motivational tool.

First thing tool in my 2021 kit is a The Budget Planner.

Budget Planners

Clever Fox Budget Planner - Expense Tracker Notebook

Financial goals

Mind map

Strategy and tactics

Debt & savings tracking

Monthly expense planners

Christmas budgeting

Annual summary

2021 Diary - GoalsSpace - 365

Daily tasks productivity

Habits tracker

– Monthly Pages for better upcoming Events & Goals
– Blank dotted pages for Mindmap and Vision Board, Contacts, Passwords & dates
– Books & Movies Pages
– Elastic Closure Strap
– Large In Pocket
– Elastic Side Pen Holder
– Stickers

Boxclever Press Budget Planner

Payment, bill and debt trackers

Savings & expense tracker.

2.The Non Spreader

The Non-spreader never prepares for large annual payments and goes into panic mode as the date approaches.

Guilty as charged but courtesy of Instagram #debtfreejourney I soon learned how helpful Cash Enveloping is, so here’s the concept – When you divide the payment into installments and every month you add that amount to the calculated and categorised envelope.

Car Road Tax Annual Cost: £157 a year = 157/12 months = £ 13.08 per month goes into the cash envelope labelled Car Road Tax.
For Example

The tools needed here are – The Cash Envelopes

The Cash Envelopes

Mogokoyo 12 Pk Cash Budget Envelopes System

Clever Fox Cash Envelopes for Budget System

3. The Challenge Binger

The Challenge Binger looks for ways to get themselves to save, that could be save all pound coins, save £5 every time you order a takeaway or glass of wine. There are so methods but the Challenge Binger will sign up for or commit to so many challenges that it is impossible to complete both the challenges and stick to all the months plans. productively.

I need to stick to a rigid routine until it becomes an unconscious habit at least and that has not happened yet. So when I started including challenges as fun as they are they threw me off, for example in Nov’20 I did 18 days of No Spend Days and it was awful. So much so that even though I did save money, it was demotivating which is obviously not what you want when you are trying to pay off your debt.

A spacious weekly planner is a great tool to plan ahead, it’ll enable you to form a routine which results in habits if followed. Even if you are doing the same thing week after week and month after month, there is something about writing things down that makes them more likely for me to do them.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The tool needed here is – The Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

2021 Diary by SmartPanda

Self Planner by BestSelf

My Daily

4. The Flash Reflector

The Flash Reflector understands the process of self reflection but not the importance. They review the day but do not evaluate nor conclude.

It is always to a positive thing to reflect on your day every evening, I do forget at times but it allows me to reflect on things that happened that day and assess whether or not I  had correctly managed them or not. I evaluate and conclude and that is a lesson learnt but what about when I want to go over all of these moments of reflection?

Well here’s the needed tool – The Journal.

Write it all out and you’ll be looking back over the pages feeling wiser in no time.

The Journal

Inspire Now Journal

A5 Daily & Weekly Productivity Planner with Weekly Planning & Reflection, Inspirational quotes, Health & Well-being tracker, Financial Management, Fitness, Travel Planner.

The 6-Minute Diary

| 6 Minutes a Day for More Mindfulness, Happiness and Productivity.

Pen all your positive thoughts, quotes, memories and times and create your personal book of happiness.

Yes, I Want It.

5. The Note Jotter

The Note Jotter are into extreme note making, they find some form of surface to plot their notes on, but here is the problem the note jotter’s are all over the place, in no particular order, making them pointless I am the ultimate note jotter, I jot things down everywhere, from a torn-off corner of the cereal box to an inner roll of a finished loo roll.

Obviously, you can see the problem with me doing this, yep that’s it I either lose or throw away the note. I tried with post-it notes as they are always close to hand but they are pricey and hard to keep I order and still, they get lost or thrown away.

The tool here is – The Notebook

It doesn’t matter if you write in pencil or pen, scribble or print, it is your book to jot down notes, quick thoughts etc.

The Notebook

Premium Hardback PU A5 Notebook

6. The Tracker Hacker

The Tracker Hacker has their habits and goals already set that is not the problem, not tracking your progress is  and in turn not knowing the extent of the situation and so risking bad decision making. A tracker hacker is what I use to call myself, I would have every free app that promised to keep me on track of my set goals and habits but would i use them every day? Nope. If there was a way to work around it or just plain avoid it I would. Thankfully I am a lot better now, I have one app that I use whilst I’m away from home but I believe my improvements are mainly down to the use of a this tool – The Habit Tracker Journal.

The Habit Tracker

Planner & Personal Organiser for Women

Clever Fox Food Journal

7. The Mind Blocker

The mind blocker has the ability to ignore bills, diets, goals, social events and appointments etc. They achieve this by blocking out all /some reminders of commitment.

What you need is a constant reminder, not phone apps as notifications can quickly be dismissed and notebooks can be tucked away. With the saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ out there it makes sense to have bold reminders in a place that you just can’t ignore.

Another thing about mind blockers is because they are bury their heads in the sand they are unaware of the measurement of the situation anc this can be demotivating.

A way to show progress and keep motivated is to cross off and acknowledge milestones.

The perfect tool needed – The Printables.

The Printables.

9. The All Rounder

The All-Rounder is usually known to be spontaneous, yes you guessed right, they rarely plan for anything other than the typical basics, birthdays, pay day and Christmas. We know the dangers of this, unpaid bills, going into your overdraft, missing appointments and opportunities.
The All-Rounder could end in a long term sentence of debt and chaos.

The tool needed help rehabilatate from this offence – The Mega Combo (of the majority of the above).

The Mega Combo

Legend Planner - Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Clever Fox Ultimate Achiever’s Goal Planner

Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner

What About These?

Boxclever Press Life Book Diary 2021

MiGoals Diary 2021

2021 MiGoals Diary, Journal, Planner, to Do List, & Life Coach in One Book

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