How it all began

Lockdown came and we all made changes, but I started to reflect on shit a few weeks before. Now I am going to tell you now, I am not one for keeping hush about shit that goes wrong or right in my life. I am not perfect, and I am not trying to be, because it’s just too         tiring, boring and to be honest it’s a flipping challenge. I like to be open, honest and hopefully clear. Don’t worry this will become apparent I’m sure, you’ll also get my thoughts and info drops, you know when a conversation starts and as it continues you start to remember shit.

As I was saying in March 2020 I decided I had to get my life in check – finances, friendship, home, career, health, and relationship. I did not intend on starting a blog, but as the project progressed I thought it would be equally helpful to myself and others – additional ideas and support from readers and some fun. I am no life coach but with 4 decades plus on this earth, there are many things I have personally experienced and so can advise, there are even more situations that known of and seen the outcome and yes, it is important to learn from these and wow have I learned. I am hoping that with all of that, my determination and a bit of input from you, I can do this.

Truth of the matter is I need to make these changes and reaching these goals will be life changing. Let’s make this journey as positive, productive and fun as possible.

The decided areas I need to focus on are health, finances, home, friendship, career, and relationships.

After a lot of thought, honesty, self-awareness and reminiscing of my life goals at 30, I put together my goals.

I got that notebook out, headed each page with my  ‘Life Categories’ and got listing.

The end result was three to four goals for each of my six life categories.

The Goals

Health, Beauty & Well-Being

  1. Drink & eat healthily
  2. Take better care of hair and skin
  3. Do some sort of regular exercise
  4. Be happy and positive


  1. Stop using credit
  2. Get rid of debt
  3. Start saving

Our Home

  1. Get the house organised again
  2. Give my bedroom a makeover
  3. Give the hallway a makeover
  4. Buy it


  1. Try to see friends more
  2. Meet new people
  3. Show more gratitude


  1. Improve skills and gain qualification(s)
  2. Create a brilliant cv
  3. Get a £32,000+ salary administrative, work from home job, that I love

Love & Relationships

  1. Make a decision
  2. Decide what I am looking for
  3. Go on dates

The Plan

The plan is to stay focused on these goals and make choices with these goals in mind.  But I will keep you posted with progress all the way, from bargains, product discoveries, services and more.

One thing is very apparent, I need an additional income badly, so you may see some ads to my blog (see footer) but I will always state if a product is actually something I have used and I am reviewing. There’s no pressure but it’d be great if you are a user it would be great it was via your new blog. Just wanted to be honest.

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