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My Introduction To The Realistic Lifestyle Blog For Real People In The Real World.

How it all began

Hey You,

Welcome to the introduction of my realistic lifestyle blog, for real people in the real world.

So, lockdown came, threw everything up in the air but as everything started to obey the laws of gravity, I started to realise how fucked my life was.

Okay, so yes, I did kind of know… okay, I knew before, but lockdown made me know if that makes sense. Where was it fucked?

Errrm, everywhere lol so, that was a slight exaggeration. Some parts were okay, but some let me be polite when I say this, were not.

Now, I am going to tell you now, I am not one for keeping hush about shit that goes wrong or right in my life.

I am not perfect, and I am not trying to be, because it’s just too tiring, boring and to be honest it’s a flipping challenge. I like to be open, honest and hopefully clear about real life, my life, which I honestly believe is a realistic one.

Don’t worry this will become apparent I’m sure, you’ll also get my thoughts and info drops, you know when a conversation starts and as it continues you start to remember shit.

So, I am about to give you a superfast run through of where the fuckness is.

I (& a bottle of rosé) did a life check on finances, friendship, home, career, health, wellbeing, happiness and relationship.

By the end of the night I decided I needed to make changes on a whole load of shit.

Look, I am no life coach but with 4 decades plus on this planet, putting up with realistic fuckeries, with realistic emotions, thoughts, hopes etc in my real life is pretty flipping realistic stuff that would be helpful rather than patronising crap and or bullshitery (I think I just made that word up).

So, if you like respectful honesty, a laugh, want to get out of debt, love product reviews honest ones, want a virtual mate or just want to follow my life because you can relate – then I am honored, humbly honored.

Great, you are still here, well let’s get back to my issues lol… finances, friendship, home, career, health, wellbeing, happiness and relationship; and summarised >>>

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I spend more than I should aka the outgoings are more than the income, that’s a problem. Over £7,500 in debt, I need to get that crap down, stop spending money on unnecessary things and get that income up via a side hustle.


I don’t have loads of friends and I love that about me. It’s quality and not quantity but, I do not re-evaluate a couple of them. It’s all about good vibes and living good. I need to socialise more (on a budget), when we finally get out of all these lockdowns (I’m Sorry but I don’t think this will be the last) I am going to try new restaurants, wine bars, museums, art galleries etc.



To be fair home is not fucked but I do need to make my bedroom more productive and get a few repairs done. Bedroom more productive? Lol I am unsure what you think I meant by that, but the chances are you are probably thinking correctly.

If this blog works out then I am going to invest and treat myself to a sexy home office (in the corner of my bedroom) – well every successful blogger has one, don’t they?


I’m flipping great at admin and project management, but restrictions and limits due to health make it really hard but blogging is a new hobby that started off as something for my well-being, that I am really enjoying, and I am openly saying I’d love for this as a career especially as based at home and no set working times.

It would be ideal, but we’ll see.



My health has not been great but whose has, its lockdown ffs. I suffer from chronic migraines, and I mean chronic, but I promise I’ll go into all that and in depth when I have published a good few blog posts.

Wellbeing and Happiness

Listen, I just need to stay happy, and I suggest the same to you. Stay mindful, aware and happy and let’s not put up with bullshit and yes other people’s bullshit is put of that.



Loooool, where the hell should I start? I was with him, it didn’t work, I was with her, it didn’t work, I was with him, it didn’t work and there were a few in between them working wasn’t part of my plan at all.
Yes, I said that.


Well, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail so here’s the plan.

Stop flipping spending, build a realistic lifestyle blog, make my blog successful, make money from my blog, pay off debts, eat well, drink frigging water, get some savings, have a better social life, get the hell out of leggings and jogging bottoms (honestly lockdown maaan), stay organised, learn and read more, get and maintain a strong positive mindset and create new streams of income aka get that side hustle on.

I want you all to know from now that I have every intention in adding affiliate links and adverts on this blog:
– I have to get these debts down.

Another thing I wanted to say is although I swear a bit and maybe a bit too open and honest, I appreciate you reading my blog – let’s face it Basic with Life can’t be successful without you.

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