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Easy Routines & Products For Damaged-Dry Coils & Curly Hair: Part Two

Basic with Life is back with ‘Easy Routines and products For Dry Damaged Type 4 Hair: Tried & Tested.’ Part 2.

Hair Methods, Tips, Product recommendations and reviews for breaking, thinning and dull hair especially Type 4 Coil Curly Hair. Let’s grow healthy thick hair together.

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Part One Recap:

Dry & Breaking Hair / Hair Loss

So, we already know how upset I was about the condition of my hair, I have always had nice long thick hair and so determination and desperation soon kicked and about 12 months ago I began my Mission: ‘Grow that hair, B (Babe).’ For this blog post, I researched, asked (experts and random people with healthy-looking hair), and tried and tested so many methods that I had to share them with you over two parts.

Part One Covered:

Healthy Diet, Trimming Hair, Changing of Products, the LOC Method and Rosemary Oil products.

If you missed that blog post please click here and read it first. You cannot afford to miss that one. Trust me.


Healthy Hair


To grow, strengthen and thicken my breaking, damaged, dry, thinning and dull type 4 hair.


What Hair Type Am I?


Confused by which hair type you are in? Use my super quick Hair Type Chart.

Hair Type Chart

What Hair Type Am I? Basic with Life Hair Type Chart

The Methods (& Products)

Methods (& Products): Tried & Tested

Part One: 7 - 9

Method: Seven

Heated Hair Treatments

The Info:

So, we know that treatments are fabulous for our hair (as long as we wash it out properly) but, what about heated treatments?
Now, hold on I know what you are thinking. “But heat is bad for our hair.”
Yes, heated hair tools are extremely damaging to our hair so keep it to a minimum. But I am talking about heated oil treatments. Heated hair oil treatments are treatments with an extra boost.

Heated oil treatments provide extensive moisture making it noticeably stronger which to you and me means less breakage.
But that’s not all that the hot treatment method does, it also nourishes the often ignored scalp. It’s important to pay attention to your scalp people, as this is where your new hair is coming from. By applying hot oil treatments to your scalp you are boosting the blood circulation and therefore encouraging strong healthy glossy new growth.

Results & My Opinion:

I use 8 tablespoons of warm coconut oil (you can use your preferred oil) to every strand of clean, damp and untangled hair.
Sometimes I use my heated cap to keep the heat going for a bit longer but it is not essential, you can just as easily use a shower cap.

After 30 mins I wash it all out with my using my normal shampoo and conditioner. This method is the equivalent to a very good hair conditioner on steroids.

It gives instant rewards however this method routine only works well if you’re actually taking care of your hair. In my opinion this hair routine is a booster and using the LOC Method, hair conditioning, etc are still necessary.

I do this once a month but I have heard that it can be done twice a week but if you have Type 4 hair like me then that is too often.

Results Score:


Products I used:

Method: Eight

rice water

The Info:

This one was anew one for me, I had never heard of it before until I saw my neighbour and her amazing hair growth.

Obviously I asked what her secret was (yes, when it comes to hair and skin I am not shy to ask) and she was happy to share. After further research I learned that Rice Water is the water after you wash your rice. Who would’ve known?

So this water is bursting with vitamins and minerals for hair growth.

Surprised? I was I mean we’re talking folic acid niacin magnesium and even amino acids.

How to make your rice water:

First things first wash your rice thoroughly. This is just as important as it is if you were going to eat the rice.

Now you’ve washed your rice you want to leave the rice soaking in the water for 24 hours (any time over 1 to 3 days keep it in the fridge).

I used one cup of rice to 3 cups of water.

Now I’ve tried two ways of applying the rice water once in a spray bottle which meant I had to add more water as it was too thick.

The other method I used to apply it was just by pouring it over my head and rinsing thoroughly after 30 mins.

Results & My Opinion:

I did notice a slight difference however I wasn’t a huge fan of this routine.

One of the reasons for this was the smell. It smelt really bad.

I may try again as I have now heard that some people add an essential oil to the rice water removing the smell issue.

Another problem I found with this hair routine was that for real results you would have to do weekly and I am avoiding washing my hair twice a week.

Results Score:


Products I used.

Method: Nine

Silk Press

The Info:

Yes I said it and I will say it again, Silk Press. Yes, it is heat and yes heat is one of the worst things you can do to your hair but and hear me out…If you are going to do it, do it properly so you do not have to do it often.

Silk Wrap is a temporary non-chemical hair straighten process, where the hair is washed, hair dried out and then followed by a press.

This process leaves you with a silky smooth finish that can last for two weeks, as long as avoid your hair getting in contact with water.

Now when I say water that includes – Water based hair products, steam, humidity, rain…

Results & My Opinion:

If you are like me you’ll love the idea of smooth hair but not all the time nor if it meant the use of chemicals, then maybe the Silk Press is for you.
I had my Silk Press done at my favourite Hair Lounge Elite in SW9.

As always I had an informative consultation beforehand but I have to admit the results were even better than I expected.

I also had a hair gloss treatment as well so I expect that contributed but honestly the result were amazing, and it lasted two weeks and that’s because I washed my hair.

In my opinion the Silk Press is the probably the least damaging out of all the straightening methods and let’s not forget the two weeks of less breakage, easier to manage hair, and less styling (including heated) was a nice temporary change and I would definitely do it again.

Results Score:


The Hairdressers:

Hair Products I Want To Try.

End of:

Part Two

I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with these product routines and tips, please share in the comments.

Don’t forget to check out part one.

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