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Easy Routines & Products For Dry Damaged Type 4 Hair: Tried & Tested.

Growing our hair with strength, thickness (density), length and shine can be frustrating, disappointing, time-consuming and expensive but when we see progress, hell yeah we are happy. That 2 mm hair growth feels like 10 cm.

So, if you are trying to grow, strengthen and or thicken your breaking, Damaged, dry, thinning and dull hair especially Type 4 Coil Curly Black Hair –

This blog post ‘Easy Routines For Dry Damaged Type 4 Hair: Tried & Tested.’ is for you.

This blog post contains my hair issue, routines I tried and results, Type 4 hair tips, Methods and products, I have tried and reviews and trending Hair improvement products that I want to try.

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The Issue:

Dry & Breaking Hair / Hair Loss

The Info:

My Type 4B hair has become dry and is breaking by my hairline, I’ve no idea why… maybe age, I am 44. The hair at the back is extremely dry with severe hair loss due to migraine treatment injections.


Healthy Hair


To grow, strengthen and thicken my breaking, damaged, dry, thinning and dull type 4 hair.


What Hair Type Am I?


Confused by which hair type you are in? Use my super quick Hair Type Chart.

Hair Type Chart

What Hair Type Am I? Basic with Life Hair Type Chart

The Methods (& Products)


Like many I was really upset about the condition of my hair. I have always had nice long thick hair, so you can imagine I was devastated.

With determination and desperation about 12 months ago I began… Mission: ‘Grow that hair, B (Babe).’

I researched, asked (experts and random people with healthy looking hair), tried and tested so many methods that I have to share them with you over two parts. Sorry.


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Methods (& Products): Tried & Tested

Part One: 1 - 6

Method: One

Healthy Diet

The Info:

Don’t roll your eyes at this one because it is true. If you want healthy hair (skin and nails), then you have to eat well. And when I say ‘Well’ I don’t mean extra lettuce in your burger. I am talking water, fruit, vegetables, nuts… if you want a more in depth list of healthy foods and their goodness check out my previous post (See products I used).

Results & My Opinion:

I dislike drinking water but I dislike the state of my hair more so, of course I started and still do drink water like a fish.

I make sure I have at least two fruit or vegetables with each meal, my multivitamins including High strength Vitamin C and D. Sounds like a tiny adjustment but, I noticed a difference within 9 days.

In just nine days my hair felt softer, less tangled and more manageable and as my diet was the only change I made at this point, I am putting these results down to my tiny change in diet.

Results Score:



Method: Two

Trim/Cut & Advice

The Info:

I am not an hair expert so next I needed expert advice and booked a consultation, I won’t say the name of this hairdressers because I did not have a positive experience, and so after the consultation I decided to go elsewhere. I did however leave with some good advice about the frequency of hair washing. I was washing my hair too often.

Second Hairdressers: After further research, I found a hairdresser called Elite Hair Lounge and they were brilliant. I was given an in-depth consultation explaining that if the ends of my hair are not removed the dryness will travel upwards damaging my hair further.

I received recommendations on products for my hair type as I was informed I was using products that were too heavy/greasy for my hair. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, conversation as well as the shampoo, treatment and trim, of course.

Results & My Opinion:

Brilliant advice from Elite Hair Lounge, I left this hair salon with my hair looking and feeling a million dollars. The advice was valuable and productive without being patronising or rude.

I wash my hair less frequently now, it’s every fortnight rather than weekly. I pay more attention to the ends of my hair and less products on my scalp. Another piece of advice that I knew but did not take seriously was that to have healthy hair you must have regular trims.

Results Score:


The Hairdressers:

Method: Three

Change Hair Products

The Info:

With so many hair products on the market promising the world it was a long journey finding products that work well with my hair.
But don’t forget I was armed with product recommendations and things to avoid in products.

These things to avoid are: Surfactants (Breaks down all oils leaving it dry and brittle), Silicones (Covers hair blocking moisture getting in), Alcohol (Strips hair), Formaldehyde (Dehydrates hair), Dyes & Fragrances (Dries out hair) and Petroleum (Blocks the hair shafts, greasy reside buildup).

There were just so many products that had all/some of these ingredients that I eventually decided to stick with with KeraCare, As I Am and Mielle. All three brands (various products) leave impressive results.

Results & My Opinion:

 I used KeraCare for 2 months (once a fortnight) and it was great at first, I even noticed the new growth was softer and my hair was growing better than at the beginning of this journey. However after the third use I noticed my hair looked a bit dull and felt grubby.

I am unsure if it was the shampoo or conditioner but I decided to change both and try a different brand and that’s when i discovered Mielle, and wow, it’s brilliant.

I kid you not I think I have changed a whole hair type. I started 12 months ago with 4c and now, 4b.

Soft, light, smooth, defined curls/coils, glossy, less breakage.

Now, don’t get me wrong I do cheat sometimes, I mean I do need serum for example for those odd days in the month when i hit up those GHDs and as we know serum is bursting with the things my hair should be avoiding.

I have now tried and tested many products, some different brands but for now I have settled for these…

Results Score:


Products I used.

Method: Four

The LOC method routine

The Info:

The LOC method is the one and only one you super need, basically i am saying that this routine is essential. This method locks moisture into your hair and seals it.

Let me explain – The LOC Method is L(Leave-in conditioner), O(Oil), C(Cream) – You are sectioning your hair and applying a layer of your three products in the order of L(Leave-in conditioner), O(Oil), C(Cream).

Use a wide toothed comb, plait each section all the way to the ends and cover with a satin bonnet, cap or scarf. The results are… try it for yourself.

You’ll be surprised.

I have to say it can be timely at first but after a while you’ll whizz through it.

Results & My Opinion:

 At first I was doing this routine every night before bed but it was a bit much so, I do this routine every other night.

I did have an issue with the oil at first as I was using way too much and it left a horrid residue on my hands but now I use a small amount and it is fine.

One of the best hair tips I have ever been given. Oh and another thing:

Fizz? Minimal and that’s with no serum.

Results Score:


Products I used.

Method: Five

7. rosemary oil (& Other types)

The Info:

Oil treatment is strange one because naturally we’d assume that oil means grease but, it does not.

The oil seals the hair, keeping all the goodness you added sealed in. You will see what I mean if you ever leave the oil step out of the LOC Method/Routine, you will not get the same luxurious results.

As we know, coconut, avocado, mustard and almond oils are all popular in the hair care world but what about Rosemary Oil?

As you know I have hair loss at the back of my head so, when I heard about Rosemary Oil (or water) having hair growth and strengthening properties I jumped on it.

I tried both Rosemary Oil and Rosemary Water (fresh rosemary boiled in a pot of water, strained and cooled).

I applied the oil lightly to my scalp every 3rd day and the rosemary water was sprayed directly to hair before starting the LOC routine.

Results & My Opinion:

Omgosh, after 3 weeks my hair growth was noticeable, I even joked to my children with the “What kind of sorcery is this?” quote lol.

As you can tell I was ecstatic by the results and so, obviously I decided to look for a product with rosemary with additional hair-loving ingredients that are within my budget and I found Lavoi Hair Growth Oil.

Jeeez, this stuff is great, it contains Rosemary Oil, Caffeine, Biotin, and Coconut Oil, so you know that this is the dogs’ …

My hair is growing back slowly but surely growing stronger. Try the rosemary oil or water first and if you love it then treat yourself to Lavoi Hair Growth Oil or one of my other recommendations.

Products I used.

Hair Products I Want To Try.

End of:

Part One

I can’t wait to hear your experiences with these products routines and tips, please share in the comments.

I’ll be back next week with part two.

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  • Netert Aset

    I love the way you broke down your goal and methods. I, too, have thick, full hair and yes, the time it takes to get all the necessary product in…whew! lol It is true that many of us forget that eating healthy is super important as well as staying hydrated. I do take B vitamins. One thing that stuck out to me was the caffeine. I definitely have to research that one. lol Thanks for sharing!

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