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Exciting Summer Staycation Garden Party Ideas & Accessories.

The Garden Party and Summer Staycation are trending and they are not as boring as you may think they are, get your creative side booming and you can create some beautiful memories.

The garden is the summer daytime spot (second to the pub) for me and If you are like me garden parties are the one. Tea parties, cocktail evening, picnics, BBQs, chill out afternoons – any will do, I don’t need an excuse. If you can relate then you will love this blog post.

Here are some of my favourite bits – Tea Sets, Jugs, Cake Stands, BBQs, Tableware, Picnic Baskets, Blankets, Wine Coolers, Cocktails, Wines, Teas, Snacks, Picnic Baskets, Solar Lights, Pools, Spas and if rain is on the forecast then we have some British weather alternatives.

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Love Your Garden...

Tea Parties

Tea is not just for curling up with a good book, I have attended some crazy fun tea parties. Iced teas, Tea Cocktails and Cream Teas in cute fancy tea sets. Oh yes.


Picnic in the garden or park can be cheap cheerful and fun for all ages. Pack your picnic basket and picnic cooler bag with Treats and nibbles and spend some memorable time with your family and friends.


Everyone loves a barbecue (BBQ), from daytime to night a flow of good food, drinks and company. Burgers, good sauces, salads and tapas, you can’t go wrong.

Chill Out Afternoons

As much as I hate to admit it, it can’t be a party all the time but that doesn’t mean you cannot chill out in the garden with these perfect bits. Pour yourself large glass of wine and chill out with a bestseller in the perfect seating.

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