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Five Small Things To Know About Me. Pt. 1

It’s always intriguing to learn things about you have just met and although this is a blog it is still worth finding out stuff about someone who has made an impression. Here are five small things to know about me.

I’ll be honest it’ll take more than five bullet points to learn more about me but five is a start.

In any case, just in case you didn’t realise – I did say Part 1 so this series could be endless.

So where shall I start…

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1. I’ve Had A Headache For Years.

Yep it’s true. Migraines come and go but I’ve had a headache ranging from barely there to arrgh for years. Oh well, everyone has their annoyance.

2. I Started Being An Affiliate To Pay Off My Debts.

I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy to promote nor has it been successful but it is fun.

I worked it out the other day that to clear my debts,  I’d have to sell on average £32,360 worth of products. 😱 😂

FYI – If you’re interested in supporting this mission I have affiliate ads, links and a shopping directory page on my blog and you can follow my Facebook Page – it has daily discounts and deals.

3. I Love Cats

5 things to know about me I love cat

I have four cats yep I said four.

A Bengal/British short hair (12 yes old), Bengal/ Egyptian Mai (11 years old) & 2 Bengal kittens who are a couple of months old.

Don’t worry you’ll meet them soon.

4. I Love Crystals and Gems

I sleep with my crystals besides me. I love my crystals in fact I don’t go anywhere without at least one. My rose quartz is my favourite.

5. I Have Four Children In Their 20s And I’m 42.

Okay I’ll wait a little while whilst you do the calculations before I tell you that I had twins 🤣. 3 girls and a boy, it wasn’t easy as the only parent but they’re grown, healthy, well mannered and either finished or in uni and for that I’m so blessed and grateful.

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