Five ways to improve your chances of getting that job

Five Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Dream Job

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With unemployment is high and jobs are scarce, you may think you are pushing it by still looking for your dream job but why not?

A brilliant cv, an eye-catching LinkedIn profile and registering with job sites are pretty much standard actions that are taken when looking for a job (and if not, I’ll leave a few links below), but there are others productive things that you can do in the background whilst following the basic practice.

How Can I Improve My Chances Of Getting That Dream Job?

Here are 5 ways to improve your chances of getting that job

  1. Confirm Your Dream Job

That sounds silly, but you’ll be surprised, I think it’s one of those things that you forget to review as time passes. I would advise grabbing a notepad and pen and listing your skills and experience but most importantly writing down what it is that you would love to do and what you love doing.

Does it reflect the job that you have been describing as your dream job?

Whatever your answer is, check out these 5 great personality tests to help find your dream job.

2. Interview Techniques

Yes, I know you may not have got to this stage in the process yet, but you should be prepared for a last-minute interview. Do your research, research the company, search for ‘Interview questions for [Company Name], view YouTube videos, read books, you can even film your mock interviews and make corrections. You want to have an impressive response prepared for as many questions as possible, especially for the: “What can you bring to the company?”, ‘Why do you want to work for this company?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses” and “If you were to be offered this job, when would you be able to start?” questions.

The more you practice, the more confident you will become. Confidence (not cockiness) is assessed throughout interviews, make an impression on your future employer and increase your chances.

Here are some handy links:

Basic Interview Questions

Video: Interview Q&As

Virtual Mock Interviews

The Interview Question and Answer Book: How to be Ready to Answer the 155 Toughest Interview Questions By James Innes 

3. Reduce Your Outgoings

The chances of you getting your dream job at the level and salary that you want are slightly reduced. You may have to start at a lower level, with the intention of progression over time but this would mean a drop in salary. Try to reduce your monthly outgoings, the impact of the drop in salary will be less painful. By paying off 3 credit cards (£1280) I was able to reduce my monthly outgoings by £125. I originally needed a salary of £32,000+, with this reduction that’s now down by £1,500, increasing my chances.

Now there’s a chance that you may be shouting “That’s why I need a job” right now and so I’ll say don’t worry just do what you can because every little helps. See one of my previous post – for tips and ideas on clearing debts.

4. Network

I have heard so many amazing stories of people finding their dream job on LinkedIn and I am assuming that you already have your profile covered so I will not go into it but what I will advise is that you follow the right people. It sounds obvious but not to all.

With regards to other networking tools, forums, clubs and events are more productive than most realise me included. Meet people and maintain the connection. Do not forget ‘6 degrees of separation’. Be vocal about the dream job you are looking for, by doing so you have just increased the number of ears listening out for that job for you and in doing so increases your chances of getting your dream job.

5. Social Media

Find the brands, companies, CEOs, HR dept that relate to your dream job and then follow them. I don’t mean harass them with hourly DMs but by following you have put yourself in the position to get relevant info and opportunities, fast. Comment and yes why not DM and introduce yourself (you can do this via emails as well as CEO Contact Details). I am a firm believer in ‘There’s no harm in asking’. Use hashtags where possible, don’t forget you are promoting yourself.


Looking for a new job can be stressful and so taking some time out of your day to relax, clear the mind and re-centre yourself is always a good thing. Your health and wellbeing are important.

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