Four Skills All Admin Employers Want You To Have.

Four Skills All Admin Employers Want You To Have.

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Basic with Life

If you have read my introduction, you’ll know all about my goals.

As we all know currently (COVID-19) the ratio of people looking for work and job vacancies is extremely harsh.  So I am going to need to get some new skills and polish up on my old ones.

I wanted to know ‘What Skills Are Managers Looking For?’ After some research and pestering of friends in managerial roles, using the 3 types of skills (Functional, Personal Traits, and Knowledge-based) I was able to put together a list of the main skills that managers want.  

Unsurprisingly the list (and discussions) became lengthy with skills from Negotiation and persuasion to Perseverance and motivation and many others in between.

Many of the suggestions were not relevant to an administrative role, after removing those I was able to select just a few of the popular ones – here are 5 Skills That Your Manager Wants You to Have.

Skill 1 - MS Office Intermediate Level

Intermediate meaning more than just being able to open a file.”

Is generally what was being repeated when this skill in particular was discussed. So, you know what that means? This is a MUST.

I’m sure you already know but just in case you don’t MS Office includes: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access. If you are unsure of your level of MS Office skills check out the guidelines below Courtesy Microsoft.

My advice is; if you are returning to work after some time or you are not confident with these then you should jump on a course ASAP. Don’t worry they have some brilliant free ones, I have included some that are super cheap at £10


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Skill 2 - Productivity/ Organisational and Time Management

The ability to allocate, manage and prioritise time and work was the second most popular request but I got the impression that it was equally as important. Productivity is a skill that we use in day to day living but mastering this skill within the workplace will impress many.

I completed a CBT course about 3 years ago and I have encouraged many people to do the same, as the potential benefits in all areas of your life are undeniable. As with most things, it’s a case of you get out what you put in. Courses prices can be range but if you do not have time for a course, which I can completely understand, books are great tools. Here are a few titles that have great rewards.

Skill 3 - Software Confident

You won’t be able to avoid this required essential office skill, CRM Customer Relations Manager systems and other software will be in every office and we are just going to have to get confident with using them.

Lucky for us they usually the main functions work and concept are relatively the same and even luckier YouTube is home to a string of demos and tutorials.

Here is a list of some popular Software Packages to check out

Skill 4 - Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Sounds cryptic but Speaking and listening, within a team, to clients etc, with the ability to negotiate, problem-solve and make decisions is Interpersonal Skills. That’s great news that means we already know the basics. Need to improve to be described as Excellent? Well Fiction or nonfiction, reading is an excellent way to improve your communication skills as well as talking and listening of course.

If you are short on ideas, see my recent post ‘Books That Made Me Think Ah-Ha’.

My most recent Completed Course

Personally Tried & Tested

Advanced Diploma in Project Management Level 5 

I loved this course, the materials were clear and concise and the resource library was vast. The knowledgeable and supportive tutors were just an email away. With 12 informative units and assignments and a accredited qualification and certificate which you can purchase your  from £30, you cannot go wrong. Worth both the money and the time.

My Ratings out of 5:

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