Get Those Outgoings Down Now. blog post

Get Those Outgoings Down Now.

I don’t care what anyone says whether you are wealthy as fuck, rich, poor, comfortable or broke like a joke, we all want our outgoings to be lower than they are.
Get your bank statements out or your Money Manager App because we are about to kick some pounds off of it.
This blog post shows ways to get those outgoings down/ reduce your bills and we’re going to do it by researching, reducing usage, negotiating, cancelling, swapping and anything else that can be done legally to get our outgoings down and reduce our bills.

Expenses We'll Be Looking At.

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    Electric & Gas

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    TV License

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    Council Tax

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    Credit Cards & Loans

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Electric and Gas (Fuel)

When it comes to Electric and Gas (Fuel) you need to shop around, lucky for us there are some great comparison sites.

Before you start this project, I strongly advise that you use your previous bills to obtain the previous years’ usage in the relevant units and in cost. It’ll help you work out your average usage and costs to get a more accurate picture of your potential savings.

I have added some handy links to comparison site below. But that’s not the only action you can take to save money and get those goings down, here are just a few tips and ways to reduce your usage.

1. I know we’re trying to save here but I recommend that you invest in some smart bulbs or at least low watts.

2. A full freezer uses less electricity so fill those spaces with carrier bags. Space out items in your fridge, this will make it easier for your fridge to keep things cold and in turn need less electricity to keep them at the right temperature.

3. Speaking of temperature – check your fridge and freezer temperatures. The ideal recommended temperatures are: Fridge Temp between 3°c and 5°c (mine is on 3) Freezer temperature is -18°c

4. If you use A/C consider adjusting the temp and the time duration, wear loose cooler clothing, open the windows but close the curtains during peak temperatures, this will help to keep the room cooler.

... & Here's 5 more

5. In cold weather turn that thermostat down – Before turning up / turning on heating put on additional layers of clothing, house socks and use a throw.

6. Close doors, block draughts and seal loose windows.

7. Use a clothing line and/or a clothes horse. Tumble dryers use so much electricity.

8. Unplug everything that you are not using, if the plugs are awkward to reach then invest in smart plugs.

9. Check out my previous blog post for other brilliant and productive ideas.

10. Boil the kettle instead of waiting for the pot to boil on the stove.

As promised here are a couple of sites to help you find the best tariffs and rates for you.
MoneySupermarket – Electric and Gas Comparison Site
My Money Comparison – Energy

TV License

This a tricky one so, you have to be honest with yourself here.

You don’t need a TV Licence to own or possess a television set.

However, if you use it to watch or record programmes as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer, then you need a TV Licence in order to do so.

Make sense? Check out the Legal framework by TV Licensing on their official site.

If the answer is yes, then you cannot stop paying this bill. However, if the answer is no then cancel this expense ASAP as it is dead money.

Use this handy to if you meet the criteria to not have to purchase a TV license.


Okay, so there’s nothing much you can do here unless you have a meter in which case let’s get that usage down.

1. Try to wear your clothes in colour batches. Darks, lights, reds, whites etc. It’ll means less loads. All my knickers are black or nude (brown) and so are my bras minus the odd silky lingerie sets.

2. Only flush when super needed, let’s not go into too much detail here but I’m sure you know what I mean. When a flush is needed then you could consider saving your dirty dish water but hey it’s totally up to you.

3. Reduce those long soapy showers by turning off the tap when soaping up and turning it on again when you’re ready to rinse.


4. Add that brick to your toilet flush unit (the unit behind your toilet that holds the flush water), I must admit when I first heard this I thought my friend was pulling my leg but he was right (although this was a couple years ago).

I am guessing that there is actually a product available by now that is actually designed for this purpose.

Sounds strange but it works by reducing the space capacity hence reducing the amount of water needed to fill the tank.

5. Use a sink bowl when doing the washing up and if you use a dishwasher, give your dishes a good scrape and rinse in your sink bowl before loading them into the dishwasher. This will allow you to use your appliance less frequently without creating a smelly kitchen and dishwasher.

6. If you don’t have a water meter and you are on a low income, have a large family or have a medical condition please contact your water service provider as there are schemes and grants available.

Council Tax

Now be careful with this one, I always warn people before querying your council tax band because I have heard stories where the bill has actually increased upon inspection.

My advice is to speak to your neighbours before contacting your local council.
Don’t be shy but be polite and ask what their council tax band is.

There are also a few forms of support and reductions for council tax, for more information  and advice:

Citizens Advice
People First Info – Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction
Apply for Council Tax Reduction

Car, Home, Life & Pet Insurance

When it comes to insurance you need to shop around lucky for us there are some great comparison sites.
Before you start this project, workout what type of cover that you really need. Don’t waste money on the frilly bits if you don’t need them – it’ll only be a waste of money.

Check out these sites for search for the deals that are suitable for you and your pocket.
MoneySupermarket – Insurance
My Money Comparison – Insurance

Credit Cards & Loans

When it comes to Credit cards and loans you need to shop around but you also need to know about APR and what they mean for you.

Use this loan calculator before you make any credit applications, no one like nasty surprises.

Check out these sites to search for credit card and loans deals that are suitable for you and your pocket.
MoneySupermarket – Credit Cards.
MoneySupermarket – Loans.


We don’t want to starve but we do want to reduce and save:

1. Consider changing your current supermarket I went from Sainsburys to Tesco to Aldi, Lidl and Iceland, The trick is to shop around for the best deals.

2. Brand Downgrade – I went from the well known brands to the store brands and in some cases to the stores economy brand.

3. Cook in bulk and chill or freeze – This saves time and money. This has stopped me from using fast food delivery apps so many times.

Check out –
– 20 ways to cut your food bill by a third by Metro
– Find your local food bank


I have had many debates about this with many people and I think it is down to personal choice, where some people prefer to purchase cheaper clothing others choose slightly pricier clothing as they believe that they last longer and are better for the planet.

I am not here to judge nor make the decision for you.

1. Use preloved sites for clothing – There’s no shame in this.

2. Look out for sales, discount codes and promotions – follow me on Facebook for daily updates on sales, discount codes and promotions from big brands.

3. Shop on AliExpress – you’ll be surprised at their prices. If you want to know more and get some tips check out my previous blog post.

Check out some fashion money saving options:
Sweetpea Preloved Clothes


This section is going to be harsh, it was for me I felt it for days and I still moan about it weeks later. The keyword here is Cancellation. Netflix: gone (£13.99), Spotify: gone (£9.99), Canva: gone (£10.99), Money UP by £34.97 per month.

That’s £419.64 for the year.

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