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Goals Update: October 2020 – Making Progress.

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After the washing machine saga (See last months update)  and it being my birthday month, I decided to have less intense month.

My success rate is down this month but I am okay with that, I paid all my bills, did a bit of saving and I had a lovely birthday.

October 2020 Goals

October 2020 Credit Card Balance

October 2020 Extra Goals

October 2020 Success Rate

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Check out my goals on my introduction page but, if you just need a quick reminder then I have added toggles to jog your memory.

Health, Beauty & Well-Being

  1. Drink & eat healthily
  2. Take better care of hair and skin
  3. Do some sort of regular exercise
  4. Be happy and positive
  1. Continue with black seed oil again.
  2. Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  3. Eat less bread.
  4. Schedule ‘Gratitude time’ into my day.
  5. Eat better.

So I did not change my health, beauty and well-being goals this month, not due to laziness honestly. It was because they are good goals. I made a point of watching what I was eating this month and chose fresh fruit and veg options where possible, vegetable soup and the odd smoothie made it easier. I added multi-vitamins as well and I have noticed a difference in my hair, nails, skin, sleep, tummy size and even my mood.

Who would of thought that bread would be so difficult to give, well if you don’t know, I am letting you know now. However once you get into the habit of eating less bread, you’ll see less tummy in those leggings.

I was not so great with sticking to a scheduled time for ‘Gratitude Time’ but I did find this time blissfully enjoyable.

All in all it’s continues to be successful and as my Gran would say “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”


  1. Stop using credit
  2. Get rid of debt
  3. Start saving
  1. Write Christmas gift list with budget.
  2. Reduce fluid debt by £350.
  3. Open Monzo account.
  4. Increase income.

Progress was slow this month but, I was able to save some money and some premium bonds which is always good. I opened a Monzo savings account as well this month, to be honest I was not that interested in opening another savings account but, with Monzo you can deposit money via your local shop actually it is all PayPoint Outlet. It does cost £1 to do so but, I am looking at it like this, all of the change that gets idly spent throughout the month can now easily be deposit, minus the trip into town, parking costs and the queuing up. If I deposit once a fortnight or month, the £1 fee per deposit will not be so painful.

Writing out this years Christmas gift list was so easy, partly because the children have grown up a bit now but also because I am adamant that I will not go over my budget this year. My budget is £30 per child, I have four children so that is already £120. My Grandparents and parents budget is £10 each and my God-Child budget is £5 per child, that’s £30. That’s a total of £200 and not a penny more.

One of the reasons why I am being so hard on myself this Christmas is because I have that unexpected debt of a new washing machine (I just can’t let it go – lol), I did set a goal of paying off £350 this month but it did not happen, it’s okay because I will be on it next month but with a more realistic goal.

I have been looking at many ways to increase my income, a side hustle so to speak. I have some good ideas but I am still keeping quiet about it. Sorry.  Until then check out my recent blog post.

Our Home

  1. Get the house organised again
  2. Give my bedroom a makeover
  3. Give the hallway a makeover
  4. Buy my house.
  1. De-Clutter.
  2. Set up House deposit savings.
  3. Clear the garden.

There was more throwing out and giving away this month, it’s made thing so much easier to put away and you know what they about a clutter and the mind.

I have set up a saving goal with a standing order for my house deposit. Its a bit late I know but it’s never too late.

Thankfully my eldest daughter understands my fear of spiders and after moaning for hours she agreed to clear the garden for winter. Lucky me.


  1. Try to see friends more
  2. Meet new people
  3. Show more gratitude
  1. Meet up with a friend.

Finally, I was able to meet up with a friend and it was brilliant night and it was cheap as hell. A bottle of wine each and a couple of hours of chatter. Cheap, cheerful and good for the soul.


  1. Improve skills and gain qualification(s)
  2. Create a brilliant cv
  3. Get a £32,000+ salary administrative, work from home job, that I love.
  1. Enroll on a course.
  2. Apply for jobs.

I have lost count of how many jobs that I have applied for in the last month, some of which were mind squeezing, I applied for between 13 and 16 jobs, 3 have been unsuccessful and I am awaiting the response of the remaining. It is strange that I am excited?

I enrolled on an online accountancy course, but I have not even started, I decided to wait until January whilst I look and apply for jobs and sort my shit out.

Knowledge Gained This Month.

  • Who knew? Once recently broke into £20 but, by the evening I could not account for it. Eventually I was able to remember all of those little purchases but it was an eye-opener, I do not even want to know how much little purchases add up to over the year. Anyway, now I have a Monzo savings account so I will be making monthly (maybe fortnightly) deposits of my change at my local shop.

I had never of of this method until recently and I love it. So this month I had a total of 5 no spend days and obviously it showed in my savings. Next month I am aiming for 12 days. Is it strange that I actually like the challenge?

Did You Know?

Amazon now do Top Ups

Did you know?

I didn’t, it’s too late for Christmas 2020 but this is an essential for budgeting for Christmas, Makeover Project etc.

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