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Goals Update: September 2020 – What A Challenging Month.

September was a challenging month, it really was. Read on and I will fill you in on my month and how it affected my goals.

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Check out my goals on my introduction page but, if you just need a quick reminder then I have added toggles to jog your memory.

Main Goals: Health, Beauty & Well-Being

  1. Drink & eat healthily
  2. Take better care of hair and skin
  3. Do some sort of regular exercise
  4. Be happy and positive
  1. Start taking black seed oil again.
  2. Drink 2 litres of water a day
  3. Eat less bread
  4. Schedule ‘Gratitude time’ into my day.

My goodness, why is it so hard to be healthy? I tried, I did but bread is too tasty. It literally compliments everything and it’s not the bad stuff, it is brown seeded bread. So as I’m sure you can work out from my desperate need to explain and justify – I did not cut down on bread this month. I did, however, drink a lot more water than the previous months and yes I can see the difference in my skin.

I jumped back on to the Black seed oil this month, after a couple of weeks I realised how silly I was to of stopped in the first place. To be honest it was down to cost but I have decided that I will sacrifice something else instead because this is a must.

I use to take the oil itself but thinking with a budget mind I opted for the capsules, they were good but I know that the oil is better or at least the benefits were apparent sooner and seemed more concentrated (yes I did bite the capsule to examine further). I will do a blog post on Black Seed Oil soon and tell you all about it.

Main Goals: Finances

  1. Stop using credit
  2. Get rid of debt
  3. Start saving
  1. Reduce Capital One credit limit.
  2. Drink 2 ltr of water a day.
  3. Clear Barclaycard balance.
  4. Buy more Premium Bonds.
  5. Find a new side hustle.

My washing machine broke down and I had it repaired but then it broke down again a couple of days later with another fault. I eventually had to admit defeat and purchase a new one on my credit card, debt balance up £420 (Machine, Disconnection, connection and removal of old). Plus the original callout, repair and parts on my debit card, I will honest it was disastrous for my motivation and my goals.

I felt physically sick making the payment, I kid you not. Gutted. I did, however, manage to find a £45 off discount code via Honey, which was a positive I also won a £108 on the lottery which was a huge help, I don’t play often so it was a lovely surprise.

Thankfully, this month I as able to lower my Capital One credit limit by £300 and Close my other Capital One credit card.

Another positive thing I did was buy some more premium bonds and I set up a standing order as well, thanks to some friendly advice from  @Ronkeodewumi, Author of BulletproofmoneyUK. (Check her out on Instagram). Thanks again Ronke Odewumi

Main Goals: Our Home

  1. Get the house organised again
  2. Give my bedroom a makeover
  3. Give the hallway a makeover
  4. Buy my house.

I did some major ‘throwing out’ this month, I can now close my drawers without shutting my fingers in them as I try to cram the contents in. The simple things in life.

I have finally decided on a colour for my bedroom, hopefully, I can get it painted by Christmas, that would be a nice treat. Keep a look out for my future blog post covering my ‘Bedroom Makeover’.

Main Goals: Friendships

  1. Try to see friends more
  2. Meet new people
  3. Show more gratitude
  1. Meet up with a friend.

Meeting up with friends has been difficult what with COVID-19 being around and all the restrictions but I have had a couple of lovely surprise phone calls  this month.

Main Goals: Career

  1. Improve skills and gain qualification(s)
  2. Create a brilliant cv
  3. Get a £32,000+ salary administrative, work from home job, that I love.
  1. Enroll on a course.

Wow, what a month, I completed my Advanced Diploma in Project Manager with a distinction which I am over the moon about. That lead to me updating and then redesigning my cv, that was a palaver but I got there in the end. I also had an interview, it was not successful but it was a good experience and now I have an even better idea of what employers are looking for.

I have also just in enrolled on an accountancy course, I already have AAT qualifications but this course will refresh and enhance my skills.

Main Goals: Love & Relationships

  1. Decide what I am looking for in a relationship.
  2. Make a decision.
  3. Go on dates (Determined by 2.).

It wasn’t on the list but…

  1. Handle my shit.

Well, I made a decision, I decided I was worth more than I was not being valued nor respected and so I left. I will share the emotional side and my thought process on all of that another time but yes, I am feeling good.

Knowledge Gained This Month.

  • Set up an ‘Emergency fund’ account in addition to your savings account and put money it. My unexpected washing machine failure, repair costs and then new purchase has completely wiped out savings and increased my credit card balance. If I had had an Emergency fund the impact would not have been so great.
  • It is a good idea to use a paint chart against the wall of the room that you are decorating in various lighting but when you have your shortlist, it is wise to spend a couple of pounds on testers. I did this and I was surprised by the colour difference. Avoid possible disappointment and get a tester.
  • No interest but, there is a chance of winning a prize and whatever happens you cannot lose your money.

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