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Goals? What? Why? How? & Why I Desperately Need Them?

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What Are Goals?

Goals are agreements that we make with ourselves (and at times with others) to achieve an objective or target. Yes, that may sound slightly technical but that just for the purpose of definition.

 In my terms, a goal is an aim that I state that I am going to do and by when – still a bit confused?

No problem, here are a couple examples of how I do this:

My Annual, Monthly & Daily Goals Lists


I subject myself to this ritual every single year usually starting in towards the end of December whilst I am burning the Christmas dinner.

This is where I decide on everything that I want to personally accomplish within the year approaching.

For example:

  •  – Gain a new qualification
  • – Pay off all debt
  • – Learn a new beauty skill
  • – Improve the house décor


My monthly goals / to-dos are a bit less general than my year ones (we’ll go into that later) but they are things that I want done within the month

For example:

  • Tackle the kitchen cupboards
  • Find ways to reduce outgoings.


My daily to do list has a not-so extensive list of goals. With this goal example  I have not included an end date but that’s because it’s on my daily to do list – so it must be done today.

For Example:

  • Call and book repair person for kitchen leak damage.

Why Do I (& Some Others) Need Goals?

Having a goal or goals not only motivates and keeps me on track but it also lets me see what it is that I have (want) to do, by when and I am able to see when I have achieved it.

I have goals for every aspect of my life – Health, Finances, Wellbeing, Home, Family, Personal Development, Career etc.

Now I am not saying that I live a rigid lifestyle, and that everything is planned and schedule with no spontaneity (because my credit card debt shows otherwise).

I still have a fun and enjoyable life it’s just that most of it is organised, organised enough for me to be about to have fun random times without regretting it by the next morning.

They also motivate me (as I mentioned before), when I am moaning about my weekly to do (goals) list and I remember that this is just a step towards my big goals, it honestly shuts me the hell up and gives me that kick.

So yes, I need these goals in my life, plus I also need a good excuse to buy gorgeous stationary at the beginning of every year and sometimes halfway through.

How To Write Goals Effectively?

An effective goal shows you clearly what you need to do to accomplish it. Meaning that there must be some form of measurement of the performance that is relevant to the goal. Make sense? Okay, look at these two examples of goals:
  • Example A: Pay off debt
  • Example B: Pay off all debts by Christmas 2024
Example A – Has no measurement and/or no time frame. It is not specific or measurable. You see the thing about me is, if I can wiggle out of something that I don’t want to do, I will.
Too much wiggle room, I mean, what debt and by when?

I’d soon convince myself it was just my overdraft and the due date is when hell freezes over. Basically, this goal could go on and on, making it more likely for me to fuck it off to be honest. Not productive.

Example B – Already has my eyelid twitching, it clearly states all my debts (no wiggle room there) and lets me know that I have not accomplished this goal unless all debts are paid off by Christmas 2024 I can’t reschedule Christmas so, I can confidently say that my wiggle room has gone.

However, just to be slightly annoying you could re-evaluate and alter your goals i.e., end dates but I don’t advise this unless it is necessary.

Need another example to get my drift –
  • Example A: Paint my bedroom
  • Example B: Decorate my bedroom for my birthday
A humorous, slightly dramatised example here but –
  • Find a partner.
  • Meet a loving, caring, respectful and romance champion by my 45th birthday.

How To Incorporate Your Goals Into Your Monthly, Weekly & Daily To-Do Lists?

So, I am not going to give you more text, I am just going to show you an example of how to incorporate your goals into your months, weeks, days to do lists.


I used to use catalogues and cards for Christmas but then one year I decided that next Christmas would be credit free.


My Goal: Have A Credit Free Christmas Next Year.


Cost of Christmas (including the meal, snacks, drinks, gifts, decoration and the extras) £2500

Due Date/ Time Frame: 1st December / 11 months


Annual – Save £2500


Monthly – Save £227.27p per month until 30th November


Weekly – Save £53.19p per week until 30th November


Daily – Save £ 7.51p per day until 30th November


Breaking down your goals into smaller manageable tasks not only makes big goals/tasks more less scary and manageable they also increase the changes of them being completed/achieved.

Feeling super productive? Check out this blog post. It covers everything you need to sort your sh** out. xxx

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  • lynnmumbingmejia

    Lovely break down you have here for achieving goals! I actually stopped on setting goals for myself as I just felt like they weren’t effective for me and I would feel down when I didn’t reach them. Now, I just set weekly to-do’s and tell myself if I don’t get it done, there’s always next time. Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn |

  • Caroline

    I love creating monthly goals! It’s one of my favourite things, tho I don’t tend to create yearly goals because I don’t really like New Year resolutions 🤷‍♀️ Great post x

  • Leah

    I definitely tend to set goals that are a bit too lofty, though I’m getting better at breaking them down. I love your specific (and humorous) examples. Maybe I should be a little gentler with my book publication goals and not be so rigid. haha

  • Maria Vana

    Amazing! I’m actually using a sort of achievement-based goals listing for myself that I have on my wall. when I reach my goal I get something nice, like a massage from my husband!

  • readandreviewit

    Love this! Goals are so important for providing a sense of direction and motivation, although I agree that we need to be more specific for them to actually work. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jordanne || Ofaglasgowgirl

    Thank you for sharing such a great post! Sticking to my goals is a big thing for me but lately I’ve been struggling a bit. I do have a blog planner that I use and I’m always on top of my blog goals, it helps soooo much and my productivity has definitely increased but my personal goals have taken a bit of a back seat. Having goals really are a great motivation.

  • Cristina Rosano

    These are all amazing tips! I have been struggling with my goals, but breaking them down can make it sound much easier and reachable, also adding time can make it more relatable! Thanks for sharing x

  • Alicia Thompson

    Hello, what a great post! I love that you break down financial goals to daily and weekly. I find doing that makes it a lot more realstic for me to reach. Thanks for sharing a great post! Alicia

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