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All About Gorgeous Bengal Kittens

I am a huge cat lover, life without my furry friends would not be as joyful.
There are 71 different breeds of cats (source TICA) all with their own range of characteristics and their own unique coat/pattern. There’s a perfect cat for everyone you just have to do the research and then, of course, the search.

After years as a British Shorthair owner, I decided to buy a Bengal kitten and ended up with two and now we are living with my gorgeous Bengal kittens

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What are the characteristics of bengal cats?

Good question, it’s vital that you understand that Bengal cats are slightly different from your average pet cats.

Bengal cats are adorable, smart vocal, and loyal friends. They are large, athletic cats, that needs to run, jump, and romp to be contented. They are easy to train & groom, friendly toward other pets and strangers, with a high prey drive.


Bengal Kittens

Interesting things About my bengals cats

Both my bengal cats love to play in water. From jumping around in the sprinklers to nicking my bath. I’ve seen it all.

They are extremely vocal and it won’t take long at all to workout what they are saying about you.

They enjoy jumping and climbing as high as they can go. My cats love jumping from bannister post to post and we have rope suspended from the ceiling which they love climbing up.

They can turn the tap on when they want water. If your cat does the same just cover the taps with a tea towel, it stops mine.

Things that I purchased for my bengal Kittens/Cats

Here’s just a few things that I brought for my kittens/cats. Remember bengal cats get bored easily so they need toys especially interactive toys.

Kitten Dry Food

Mum was okay with this but the kittens were not too impressed.

Kitten Dry Food

The kittens were big fans of this one.

Kitten Wet Food

Mum was not impressed.

Cat Raw Food

My Kittens/Cats eat either Purrform or Natural Instinct which I purchase from Mobile Pet Foods. They are an amazing small business that delivers to your door.

Non Clumping Antibacterial Litter

Best on a budget.

Cat Litter Tray Mat

This is vital. I wish I had purchased one earlier.

Cat Litter Box

Kitten Litter Tray

For those little accidents

Brilliant, if you follow the instructions. Kittens /Cats will have accidents especially when they are in an new environment.

Kitten Dry Food

Vital. Never failed them or me.

Protect your home

This stuff is brilliant. I use once a year and have done so for the last 13 years. Remember pets are not the only way that fleas can be brought into the home.

The cat tree

Hours of fun. Mine love it.


Hours of fun.

Kitten Carrier

Foldable Playpen

Create a nice cosy play area.

For a Beautiful Shiny coat

Fish oil is not an essential but wow it makes a huge difference. Try it and see what you think.

Great Fun

Kitten Fun

Water Fun

What I'll Be buying next

Bengal cats are very active, this wheel will be perfect for them to burn off some energy.

Cat Suppliers

ZooPlus is an excellent site for almost all of your cat supplies.

Cat Accessories

Aosom has a huge range of kitten and cat furniture and accessories.

Shop Cat Accessories

Visit our pet online shopping directory for other brands.


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