How To Get Valentines Day Right This Year.
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How To Get Valentines Day Right This Year.

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Most of us love romance, I’m a true romantic, I love romance.

Flowers, loving messages, surprise gifts and events, I love it all and don’t get me starting on the films.

I know it’s not St Valentine’s Day yet and we’ve only just got over Christmas and the New Years but you need time to plan, purchase and or prepare.

Every year I am asked by friends or one of my many cousins what they should get their partner for Valentines and every year I am so excited to oblige, this year however I have decided to ask a few friends and strangers about their Valentines plans, thoughts, stories, pet hates, dreams and gift wish list.

This blog post has all you need to get this St Valentines Day right. From Statistics, Valentines Day Ideas, Gift Suggestions, Ideas, Dos & Do Nots and so much more

Ready for the numbers?

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As I mention I managed to get grab and ask 48 people (22 Male, 23 Female, 3 Unspecified aged between 23 and 45 and in relationships of 9 months to 14 years, in the UK) who celebrate Valentines, about their Valentines plans, ideas, past experiences.

Here’s what I discovered…

Do you know what you are getting for your partner this Valentines?

(7th January 2021)

  • No – 45: M/20 F/22 U/3
  • Yes – 3: M/2 F/1 U/0
When do you usually go Valentines gift shopping?
  • The month before – 6: M/2 F/3 U/1
  • A fortnight before -3: M/0 F/3 U/0
  • The week before – 30: M/11 F/17 U/2
  • On the day – 9: M/9 F/0 U/0
What do you have planned for this Valentines?
  • Nothing
  • Mini/Spa Break
  • A romantic meal in/out
  • Day trip
  • Wrapped gift
  • Other
What would you love for Valentines?
  • Anything, it’s the thought that counts.
  • Spend the day in bed together.
  • An engagement ring.
  • A holiday
  • Dinner
  • Other

The Best, The Popular & The Worst
St. Valentines Gifts

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What's the worst gift you have been given for Valentines?
  • Nothing
  • A book
  • Plain Chocolate
  • A Juicer
  • Socks
  • Dinner date with their friends
  • Other
  • Wellington boots
  • His and Hers matching tracksuits
  • A Granny Dress that was 2 sizes too small
The 8 Most Wanted Valentines Gifts - Women
  • Designer Handbag
  • Uninterrupted chilled night in
  • Air BnB in the countryside
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Shopping trip
  • Engagement ring
  • Jewellery
  • Gift Card
The 9 most wanted valentines gifts – Men
  • Aftershave
  • New car
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Dinner and Chilled night in
  • Experience Day
  • Latest iPhone
  • Bicycle
  • Gym Membership

Dos & Do Not’s for Valentines

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If your Valentines doesn’t like baking/cooking, DO NOT present them with a food processor.

DO your research, favourite colour, correct size, birthstone – Think about it.

Lingerie is not to be given as a solo gift. I strongly advise that you DO NOT give Lingerie as the only gift.

Do not give lingerie gifts to that special person whom you have never spoken to before. Trust me it’ll be more creepy than dreamy.

DO agree on the day booked off work.

Ladies DO remember that Valentines is NOT just for us.

DO remember the gift is for your valentines and not you, just because you like something, that does not mean they will too.

DO book your table as early as possible and don’t forget to query the location of your table. No one wants to be by the toilet or bar unless they have to be.

DO NOT assume that your other half is not interest in Valentines because they have not mentioned it.

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Valentines Experiences

 My boyfriend had been going on about an adventure date for ages but, I am not an adventurous person and I am scared of heights. For Valentines, he brought my 2 tickets for GoApe - an adventure playground with tree top cable gliders to get around.
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My girlfriend and I decided to book a day off for Valentines, on Valentines morning we realised she had booked the 14th off and I had booked the 15th  (thinking we’d have a lie-in).
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I brought my girlfriend of two years a cd, (dark) chocolates and flowers for Valentines – She didn’t have a CD player, hated plain chocolate and I forgot to remove the half-price clearance sticker off of the half-dead flowers I managed to find at the petrol station.
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I got a microwave for valentines last year – I’m in a new relationship now.
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I once gave a boyfriend a valentines hamper with 14 of his favourite treats, so I was hurt to discover when I arrived that evening that he had shared the majority of its contains with his best friend (who I disliked intensely). The carrot cake, several chocolates, love heart sweets, rose wine AND to make it worse he got me nothing.
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Valentines Gifts Ideas.

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