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It’s My Dream Chilled Out Birthday Survival Kit.

It is my birthday month, yippee and I know this sounds boring but I can’t wait to just have a peaceful, chilled out, pamper day. A nice bottle of wine, a riveting book, a couple home spa packs and few cosy fluffy bits – sounds perfect to me. Oh and cake, you can’t have a birthday without a cake.

I have been doing a little daydreaming (it’s fun & free) and I came up with this: 14 things for your peaceful, chilled out, pamper day.

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I know that skincare is part of the daily routine but, it is so satisfying when you add some peace + free time + some skincare products. The summer season has gone but I wish I could keep that summer glow. Here are a few products at Blow LTD that caught my eye and I had to add to my Wish List.

Blow LTD do some beauty home services as well Check Them Out.

Snuggle Gear.

Well you can’t have a cosy night in without being surrounded by some super soft comforts around you. Check out these super soft must haves.

Palace Worthy Slippers

I know, they are gorgeous aren’t they? I have not tried them but, I had to add them to my wish list. They come in a few colours,  all lovely so it was so hard to decide on one so I have added three. They have other designs so visit their site – Pretty You London

Extras Luxuries

Entering an ‘easy on the nose’ scented room, wrapped in a huge fluffy towel, after a heavenly bath is just the added touch that will put the cherry on the top.

Duvets & Pillows

Everyone knows that it’s not just the duvet cover that makes a bed or even the bedroom. It’s the duvet and the pillows as well. I am a side sleeper, so getting and staying comfortable in the night can be frustrating. Which is why I was so excited to find this site and to top it off, the prices are competitive.

Cosy Bedding

Can you go wrong with these? I don’t think you can. They were available last year and was extremely popular. I was able to feel the texture of this range whilst I was in store and I was surprised by the quality. There are many more colour options, check it out.

Teddy Bear Fitted Sheet

Wilko Charcoal Soft Teddy Fitted Sheet

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