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Lockdown Feet: How To walk In High Heels Again. Fast.

It’s time to get our feet ready and learn How To Walk In High Heels Again. Fast.

It’s ‘Lockdown Countdown Time’ and so it is time to get ourselves back into the swing of things.

It’s time to reset our alarms, get back into a routine, wake our wardrobes up, dust off our shoes and Prep Our Feet.

Yes it may be a struggle from our comfy slippers to sky scrapping heels but let’s start getting our feet high heels ready now.

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If there was any other way of getting pretty feet ready for these additional inches, I would of foiund it by now but there isn’t and so, exercise it must be. Check out these quick and simple-ish exercises to make heel life easier.

Stick to them because they do work and if you have leg weights, all the better.

1. Single Leg Squat
Single Leg Squat

Stand in the position to squat but  with your leg outstretched forward.

2. Alphabet Feet aka Ankle Rotation.
4. Alphabet Feet aka Ankle Rotation Exercise

This is a fun and easy one, sit back raise your feet and spell out the letters of the alphabet with your feet. Repeat 3 times.

3. Calf Raises
Calf Raises exercise

Stand with your heels touching and feet facing outwards at a 45 degree angle. Now raise on your toes, hold for 2 seconds and gently lower your heels to the ground. Repeat 15 times for 3 sets.

4. High Heel Lifts

Stand 10 inches away from a wall with your feet slightly apart.

Place your hands on the wall for balance.

Tighten your tummy muscles.

Slowly lift your heels as high as you can, squeeze calves & then lower the ground.

Tips For Walking In Heels.

1.  Walk heel to toe. Trust me.
2.  Take petite steps.
3.  Add a little swing to your hips
4.  Lean back slightly when walking.
5.  Follow that imaginary straight line.
6. Wear shoes that fit.


7. Try different types of heels.

River Island Womens Black RI Court Heels

Heel: 10cm


Betty Pumps

Heel: 7.5cm


River Island Womens Green RI Embossed Block Heel Mules

Heel height: 5cm


Valentina Suede Heeled Sandals

Heel height: 2.5”


River Island Womens Gold Embellished Two Part Wedge Sandals


JOLEEAS Suede T Strappy Block Heel Sandal by Ted Baker


Nude High Raffia Strappy Wedge by PLT

Heel incuding sole: 6 Inches

Pretty Little Thing

Niella White Espadrille Flatform Sandals by PLT

Pretty Little Thing

Anna Suede Wedge Espadrilles
By Hobbs


Bellona Platform Heels Extra Wide Fit By Simply Be

Heel: 4in/102mm.


Martini Chunky Chain Detail Sling Back Clear Perspex Heel In Nude Faux Leather

Heel Height: 4.5″/11.5cm

Ego Shoes

Plush-Dreams Pointed Toe Fluffy Metallic Heel In Teal Blue Faux Leather

Heel Height: 4.5″/11.5cm

Ego Shoes

Autograph Leather Kitten Heel Toe Loop Sandals

Marks & Spencer

River Island Womens Black RI Monogram High Heels

Heel: 7cm


Marseille Espadrilles Fatigue Canvas at Office Shoes

Office Shoes

Millicent Flared Heel Shoeboots Black Leather

Office Shoes

Aspire Metal Heel Point Boots Tiger Cow Hair at Office Shoes

Heel Height (cm/inches): 10cm/3.9″

Mogul Low Dressy Mules Red Nubuck at Office Shoes
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Love your feet with these gorgeous feet products.

These are my favourites.


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