Me & Secret Love For AliExpress.
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Me & My Secret Love For AliExpress.

This is one of my secret addictions and I am so excited to share it you, even if you know about this secret, trust me you need to know more.

You have probably worked it out from the headline, my love for Ali Express is real.

For those of you who know about Ali Express click here and go straight the info, you don’t need an introduction.

What is AliExpress?

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Ali Express is a huge marketplace based in China that sells everything that you can think of at wholesalers to bargain prices, to anywhere in the world. It is used mainly by small to medium retailers AND customers like us. When you first scroll through, it will blow your mind. Especially when you realise that some of the suppliers are actually the suppliers to some of your favourite stores and brands at shocking prices.

Here’s What You Need To Know
Before You Start Shopping

To avoid disappointment when your parcel arrives, do your research. Don’t worry I don’t mean hours of hard-core scientific research, I mean read the description and reviews. I have been known to search on YouTube when it comes to weaves and wigs.

Don’t go for the first seller of the product that you’re looking for, you will soon notice that one product is sold by many suppliers and you know what that means competition and competition means competitive prices but and there is a big but, the quality may not always be the same.

When buying clothes from Ali express, make sure you have a tape measure close to hand, the reason for this is although Ali express is an amazing platform their sizes can be perplexing. I strongly recommend that you use a tape measure to avoid disappointment.

If you are unsure about a product, contact the seller before ordering, Ali express has an easy to use message feature and in my experience the sellers are always happy to help.

Ali Express Deliveries

Although the prices are amazing and that includes the postage, however parcels from Ali express do take a while in comparison to other retail platforms. Deliveries can take anything from 4 days to 6 weeks, it usually depends on the product and the time of year. I have purchased hair weave from Ali express and received it in four days but I have also waited five weeks for hair brush.  The longer delivery times can be slightly annoying at times but if you are organised and order early you’ll be fine, you can also track your parcel once it has been dispatched.

Customer Service

No company gets it right all the time, I have placed over 128 orders with only four disputes, a few disappointments in the early stages but I have to admit in all four disputes either the seller or Ali express have ensured that I’ve either received a replacement or a full/partial refund.

Always contact the seller first if you have a a problem with your order, as they are in my experience happy to help. If you still have no joy then they have a handy easy to use dispute process that is explained clearly giving you peace of mind.

What do they sell

Ali express sells everything that you can think off and I mean that, check out these categories

  • Clothing
  • fashion accessories
  • health and beauty
  • cell phones and telecommunications
  • computer and office
  • consumer electronics
  • education and office supplies
  • furniture
  • hair extensions and wigs
  • jewellery and accessories
  • lighting
  • luggage and handbags
  • footwear
  • sportswear and equipment
  • toys
  • stationery

My AliExpress Top Buys

These are my current top buys from AliExpress.

This dead skin removing foot mask is mega. It is the best thing ever. People this is the foot tretment, it deals with hard skin on heels to seriously hard skin feet in general. It is simple to use, make sure you read the instructions and information and you follow them. My advice is don’t use this foot mask if you plan on showing off your feet for the next 7 to 10 days. After you have used this product you’ll be sending everyone this blog post.

I have used these many time before and although i don’t know all the science behind, but I know that if I use the week before my period I will not get any spots. These are easy to use but don’t putthem until your going to bed because you cannot walk on them. I won’t even go into what you’ll find when you remove them in the morning. Let’s just say “Yuck”.

I have never use thisparticular one on my head, I don’t it is ready for my 4c hair But on the body this is the bees knees. Get rid of the dull/dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling so good.

Fab lashes, they bend where they need to. That in itself is a luxury. 5 pairs of expensive looking lashes with excellent density. You can’t go wrong.

When it comes to weaves and wigs at AliExpress you can save £100+ however, there has been a ccouple of times where I have received the wrong wig/weave. When you get your wig, check that it meets the description provided asap. Any issues, contact then seller. ISee Hair has been good, with no problems. Check out Isee Hair.

Love your knitwear? Save your knitwear. This cheap but smart gadget will save you £££ on replacing knitwear.

My AliExpress Wish List

Six items on my AliExpress wish list.

It’s all about being organised, I like my surfaces as clear as possible so this will be ideal for me.

Store keys and money in style.

What can I say, I am getting brave. Well, we have not socialised in almost a year (due to covid-19).

Need I say Anything?

I have heard great things about Electric Pore Cleaners in general so I am excited to order and test it out.

Linen curtains are trending, especially contracted linen cotton like these. Perfect for dressing you windows with layers.

My Ali Express Tips

  1. Before purchasing electricial products be sure to check that it meets UK health & safety regulations and standards.

2. Always read the descriptions and reviews thoroughly.

3. Use the image search feature. If I see something I like online, i screenshot it and search for it on AliExpress.

4. When I am placing an order over £10, I always use my credit card and that is so that I have purchase protection. Just in case.


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