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My Honest Review – The Bodycon Mini Dress By Femme Luxe

I have been loving Femme Luxe,  their style and range for ages now and to be honest I just don’t think they get as much attention as they deserve.
So I decided to treat myself to a sexy dress to wear for my Dads birthday.

Well, I have been pretty productive recently and I needed a treat so here’s my Femme Luxe Dress Review.

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Femme Luxe, Who Are They?

FEMME LUXE is a fast growing fashion brand that sells trending fashion at low prices and with an impressive size and shape range collection.
They are based in Manchester, UK which doesn’t surprise me at as Manchester is home to a couple of my other favourites online fashion retailers.
I would name them but this is Femme Luxes’ time to shine.

What Am I Looking For?

As its a family event and let’s face it the weather has been slightly crappy (understatement, its been raining for days), I decided to look for something simple.

Simple, sexy but classy that I can wear with strappy or closed shoes and maybe even flats because it’s a bbq event and we know what rain and a bbq means – sinking heels. 🤦🏾‍♀️

My Body Type

I am still photo shy so no photos of but I’m sure my measurements will help enough and to be honest i have no understanding of what my body looks like.
My eldest once asked me to pick an image online of someone I think I resemble size and shape wise.
I selected an image of someone who was 4 inches shorter and two sizes bigger, anyway that’s for a whole separate blog post.

So, let’s be melodramatic and…drum roll please 🥁, this is a big thing…my body stats are: Height – 5ft 5ins Shape I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ Bust 34 ins Waist 27.5 ins Hips 38.5 ins

What Dress I Eventually Chose?

It took me a while to choose just one dress because my wishlist contained 12 outfits, don’t worry I’ll add them below.
The dress I eventually chose was the Mindy Ruched Bardot Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress in Stone. It’s a gorgeous midi dress with sexy but classy neckline and it might distract attention from my lockdown tummy.

I’ve not worn the ruched look before because I usually go for the seamless tailored look but I have to try new things and I really like the dress.
After looking at Femme Luxe size chart I have decided to order the dress in size 10 as it match my measurements.
Fingers crossed.
Annoyingly, I had to pay for next day delivery because I spent so much time trying to decide on what I wanted but I got super lucky because there was a promotion on their site when I eventually got to the checkout

– Luck for me I managed to get a 15% discount and next day delivery for 99p. yippee 🥳

The Arrival

It’s here and I’m so excited.
So as you can tell I was a bit put off by the state the dress arrived in, it looked like it had been rolled up and thrown in the bag but after considering the price and my excitement i shrugged it off.

Smell? There’s a slight factory smell but very faint, thank goodness.
Hemming and overlocking? Straight and consistent throughout the majority of the dress but slightly loose and strays on sleeves and at the bottom of the skirt area (sorry Femme Luxe but I have to be honest).

The colour? The colour looks almost identical to the image online, just a tiny bit lighter.
Fabric quality? Well I was not expecting a the highest of quality or even very good quality because of the price tag however considering it was originally £38.99 I am expecting good quality… and I’m not disappointed, they even have a double layer on the bust area which is super handy for me with my huge nips.

I’m not convinced that the neckline will be as shown in the pictures purely because the detail doesn’t look the same but I could be wrong and it also looks pretty big for a size 10 – We’ll see when I get it on.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

My Verdict.

Size? This dress is too big.

Length? The length is fine exactly as  shown in the image.

Sleeve length? I have slightly longer than average arms but these are a perfect fit, I usually have to go to Zara for this length.

The neckline was slightly disappointing, the top section of this dress is a bit loose and so it doesn’t sit as well as pic, the same goes for the bust area.

The waist and hips/bum area however are fine, I mean it could of been a bit tighter but it is okay.

My Overall Verdict

Okay, so the neckline doesn’t exactly match the original product images but, I love the dress all the same.
The fabric is soft and comfortable to dance and walk in.
I’d avoid oily skincare products with this fabric though because it’ll show and probably stain. I think the sizes was a bit off though, their size 10 feels like a size 12 maybe even size 14.
Such a shame because if it was a size smaller it probably would have solved the loose bust and neckline issue.
I solved this problem by wearing a push up bra and the use of a safety pin to tighten the neckline section.
Another thing that I was so happy was that the dress didn’t give me that frumpy look which is why I have always avoided ruched clothes before.

I’ll definitely make purchases from Femme Luxe again in the future. I will be buying the size down in the future though.

My Femme Luxe Wishlist.

As promised here are some of the items on my Femme Luxe Wishlist and the reason why it took me so long to choose just one dress.


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