New Fashion Trends For You To Wear Spring Summer 2023 Blog Post

New Fashion Trends For You To Wear Spring Summer 2023

Spring is coming people and we have earned it. Brighter days are ahead and you know what that means? Refresh time.

Spring clean, new shoes, new hair style, new decor, and new clothes…

Yes, it’s Spring Summer 2023 and that means, … new styles, new colours and New Fashion Trends for you To Wear Spring Summer 2023

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What Fashion Must-Haves are Trending Spring Summer 2023?

This fashion season is bursting with creativity and statements.

The key fashion elements of Spring/Summer 2023 are

Pockets, Lingerie, Structured curves, Denim, Metallic Silver, Sharp Asymmetric Hemlines, Fluffy Textures, Grunge, and Armour.

Not forgetting huge bags and bold shapes but that is a whole new blog post.

What’s Does That Even Mean?

Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

Here is a handy guide to Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends for you To Wear:

New Fashion Trends for you To Wear Spring Summer 2023


Trending Spring Summer 2023

When I say pockets I mean oversized, multiple, large flaps, big buttons, contrasting, and decorative zip pockets.

Pockets - New Fashion Trends for you To Wear Spring Summer 2023 1

Indigo Denim

Trending Spring Summer 2023

Denim is timeless however this season denim is grabbing attention in the colour Indigo. Easy to wear.

Metallic Silver

Trending Spring Summer 2023

(I doubt I need to explain this one). But no one can be disappointed to see metallic silver in this seasons trends.


Trending Spring Summer 2023

Trend repeat alert and I am here for it. Loose jeans, oversized sweaters and layers are here for another season.


Trending Spring Summer 2023

We are talking body mould style, chains, leather and metal…

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  • Renata Feyen

    I just love those ruffles and frills, but my husband is not a fan of them, so not sure if I will wear them, because he nags a lot when he doesn’t like something

  • Lauren

    This was interesting to see what trends that might happen in the fashion world. A lot of these trends aren’t really my style. Thank you for sharing.


  • Fadima Mooneira

    Oh wow… spring/summer fashion is back again! I love flirtatious floral sundresses. But I’m also into the grunge look now. I just myself a baggy cargo pants from Berskha. I love it a lot.

  • Jenny in Neverland

    Great post! Loved seeing what trends are likely to be featured a lot in fashion for the coming months. Some of them aren’t really “me” but grunge I am down for and I think the armour trend is really cool!

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