November Goals & Updates - The Struggle Was Real.
Goals & Updates

November Goals & Updates – The Struggle Was Real.

Usually, I start my introduction before the goal reminder but this month, I need you to first put the kettle on /pour the wine and see the Novembers goals on first.

November goals

November 2020 Goals

November extra goals

November 2020 Extra Goals

November Goals Stats

November 2020 Credit Card Balance

Check out my goals on my introduction page but, if you just need a quick reminder then I have added toggles to jog your memory.

Health, Beauty & Well-Being

  1. Drink & eat healthily
  2. Take better care of hair and skin
  3. Do some sort of regular exercise
  4. Be happy and positive
  1. Start taking black seed oil again.
  2. Drink 2 litres of water a day
  3. Eat less bread
  4. Schedule ‘Gratitude time’ into my day.

I have to be honest, I have eaten what I want when I have wanted to. Almost everything health wise went out of the window however, I did manage to take my multivitamins and drink plenty of water. I am not sure what happened but this month I was so focused on the finance, Christmas and home that healthh took a back burner.

I will be honest with you reader, I am not too worried about it at the moment especially as Christmas is around the corner and food is the best bit.

I will make huge effort january but for now it is eat well, drink water and take vitamins.

As for gratitude, well I am beaming with it. I have noticed a difference and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


  1. Stop using credit
  2. Get rid of debt
  3. Start saving
  1. Deposit first £100 with Monzo.
  2. No Spend November Challenge.
  3. Start side hustle.
  4. Buy more Premium Bonds.
  5. Reduce Fluid debt by £250.
  6. Apply for 31 jobs

So you read my intro, right?

What a month omgosh, honestly it was a hard month and the majority of it was my fault but I can assure you another lesson learned. So I decided to have a extreme month money wise that is.

I set up 18 No Spend Days, yes 18. Why did I do that to myself? Well because I thought I could do it obviously. The first thing I will try you is this; Not spending when you have some money in your account is not the same as not spending when you have no money. It is not the same. Maybe it is a psychological thing.

What made it even harder was the fact the Black Friday went on forever, it was relentless but, I did not cave. I won. I stuck to every single No Spend Day and I am so proud of myself. There were tears, screams in pillows and day dreams of shopping but I did it and just in case you are wondering I will never do that to myself again. It was too harsh, next time I will 8 to 10 days but 18 days was way too much.

It was exhausting and upsetting to see how challenging I found it, but I did save a bit extra money and I did learn a bit more about myself and my spending habits.

Our Home

  1. Get the house organised again
  2. Give my bedroom a makeover
  3. Give the hallway a makeover
  4. Buy my house.

You know the routine, Christmas is coming and so the house has to extra sparkling.


  1. Try to see friends more
  2. Meet new people
  3. Show more gratitude
  1. Meet up with a friend.

Meeting up with friends has been difficult what with COVID-19 still being around and all the restrictions but I have had a couple of lovely surprise phone calls  this month.


  1. Improve skills and gain qualification(s)
  2. Create a brilliant cv
  3. Get a £32,000+ salary administrative, work from home job, that I love.
  1. Apply for 31 ‘work from home’ admin job, with a salary of £32,000+.

Still looking for a work from home admin job, with a good salary. I didn’t manage to apply for 31, that goal was too high but I am hoping that it’s a case of  Quality over Quantity.

Love & Relationships

  1. Decide what I am looking for in a relationship.
  2. Make a decision.
  3. Go on dates (Determined by 2.).

It wasn’t on the list but I have already handled this goal so…

  1. Stay single until you no longer want to be. Be happy

Surprisingly, I am enjoying being single but I’ll let you know when that changes.

Knowledge Gained This Month.

I know that I have said this many times this month but wow, I set too many goals and challenges. It was torturous and it really put me off. I am just being honest and I drank my emergency bottle of awful wine that had been sitting in the cupboard for the last two Christmases so that is an indication of how hard it was. Learn from this.

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