Of Course, It’s Corset Time.
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Of Course, It’s Corset Time

Of Course, It’s Corset Time. Corsets are trending again and I am not surprised at all. I mean come on think about it. A product that trims the waist, enhances my curves, lifts my boobs and makes my bum look better that can been worn as part of an outfit or lingerie. And don’t get me started on the designs and styles.

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What Are Corsets?

Primarily designed to reduce the size of your waist, train the waist over a period of time and even give your breasts a natural looking lift.
Usually made with stretchy fabric, with plastic boning well made corsets give you an envious figure support and enhancement.

Are There Different Types of Corsets?

Yes, there are more types of corsets than you would imagine but the main two types are Overbust and Underbust Corsets.

As you I am sure you have worked out which is which from the names, let’s look at a few other types of Corsets.

The Longline Corset

With a length extending to the hips, longline underbust corsets are the perfect for those with long torsos.

The Mid-Bust Corset

Beginning at the middle of your bust and ending below your hips, this corset will give you a long and smooth body silhouette. cup your breasts but and this is important to remember they do not push or lift them up.

The Corselette Corset

Covers your entire breast and your hips and so assists in giving your hips some shape, reducing your waist size, and lifting your breasts.

The Cincher Corset

The shortest of all the corsets. With a long centre, back, and front and shorter sides, The Cincher corset covers all of your waist area similar to a belt. The objective of this type of corset is reducing your waist size.

Let’s Shop Corsets At The Corset Story

Beige Cotton Overbust Corset

Black Mesh and Lace Appliqué Waist Taming Overbust Corset

Cream Expert Waist Training Underbust Longline With Hip Gores

Tropical Leaf Print Longline Overbust Corset

Classic Waist Taming Black Satin Overbust With Straps

About Corset Story

The Corset Story is based in Warwick, England and specialise in Corsets and well as other related products. Their corsets are tailored made by experts in corset craftsmanship, check out their site and current 4 for 1 multibuy offer.


  • Lauren

    I wore one a long time ago, but never thought about buying one as I am older. Thank you for sharing all this information!


  • readandreviewit1

    Ooh I loved this! I actually tried buying some corsets for the first time a couple of weeks ago but the sizing was really off, so I’ll definitely try The Corset Story! Thank you so much for sharing x

  • Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    In theory, I love the idea of a corset (I’ve never worn one) I’m just *extremely* busty I think it would be too much boob and end up being a shelf, haha which is pretty impressive but I’d probably get a bit uncomfortable as they’re hard enough to manage as is. Corsets are an extraordinary piece of fashion; I’m definitely intrigued!

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