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Possibly the best ‘perfect Christmas gift’ list this year.

Yes, I know it is only September and No, I don’t want to crap on anyone’s day or overexcite anyone but Christmas is coming. The festive season is coming and when you are on a budget like me, the sooner you start the better.

Now you may not have even begun thinking about what to get for who yet but, if you fancy some ideas to get you started here is the perfect place to start. Before we start here are a few words from experience, when you decide on a budget stick to it and that’s the same for decided cut off points. If you decide to stop buying gifts from the 15th December then stick to it, if you decide on 3 presents per child then, yes you guessed it. Stick to it.

It’s pointless putting everything into the 25th December and then struggling for the rest of the year.

The festive season can be overwhelming but don’t panic, I have split this post into 4 parts.

A selection of what could possibly be the perfect Christmas presents and gifts this year.
Part 1

Classic games For All

Keep Warm Gifts

Stocking Fillers


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