The Best Trending White Trainers & How To Keep Them Clean

Whether you are a Smart, neat, casual, sporty or social dresser, white trainers are an essential part of your wardrobe and money well spent.
I hate to say it but even though we have summer ahead let’s face it the typical British weather won’t be all sun and 25 degree plus temperatures. We will get rain and breezy days and chilly evenings.
Every grey cloud has a silver lining though and for me, it is the typical U.K. summer fashion – you know what I mean…

… white trainers, trench coat, jeans and a white top of course… White trainers, summer dress with a long cardigan… Floaty trousers, long-sleeved tops with… yep you guessed it white trainers.

So if you haven’t guessed by now, this blog post is all about white trainers… and of course I’ve added a couple of looks and accessories just to give you an idea of what’s out there and what really looks good with white.

[UPDATED 2024] This 2024 Fashion Trending White Trainers blog post page may contain affiliate links.

How To Keep Your White Trainers Super White & Clean.

1. It’s tempting but do not use bleach on your trainers.

2. Store your trainers in their box.

3. Store your trainers away from sunlight.

4. Use protection Spray

5. Use an old toothbrush to clean trainers

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