Migraine and their triggers
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The Truth About Migraines & Their Triggers

So you all know by now that I am a chronic migraine sufferer and I have to tell you they are chronic but there are ways to reduce them. How? By identifying triggers and then avoiding them if you can. It has taken many diaries and ‘Trial and error’ experiments to be able to identify my migraine triggers but it has made life easier and prevention is better than cure as they say.

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I have several migraines a week, some last as little as 10 minutes whilst others can last days, over the years I have learned what works, what doesn’t, what is manageable and what is worth the migraine (lol I’m just being honest). If you are a migraine sufferer and you have not used a migraine diary yet, do so. It was/is extremely productive.

It would be too simple for there to be just one kind of migraine, wouldn’t it?

No, that’d be too easy and maybe even manageable.

So, just to annoy us there are several types of migraines and their severity, effects and duration vary.

Types of Migraines

As I mentioned there are several types of migraines and their severity, effects and duration vary. Here is a list of some of the migraines that I experience but you may also be familiar with.

Migraine With Aura is a type of migraine where you have a warning sign that the migraine attack is going to happen. This warning is usually seen as an aura or glow.

Migraine Without Aura is the most common type of migraine.

Chronic Migraine is when the migraine becomes debilitating and disabling condition.

Menstrual Migraine this type of migraine is linked to Menstruation, Ovulation and Pregnancy.

Medication Overuse Headache* is a headache that comes from frequent use of taking painkillers and migraine tablets.

*I am not a medical expert nor do I have any training but from experience I will say be aware of Medication Overuse Headache, it can put you on a vicious cycle.

Migraine Triggers

Unfortunately there are many triggers of migraines, so many that they’ve been categorised as Emotional, Physical, Environmental, Medication and Dietary Triggers.


Here is a shortlist of some of those annoying migraine triggers:

Emotional Triggers

Emotions such as stress, anxiety, tension, shock, depression or even excitement.
This is such a funny one because I used to watch football all the time however since my migraines have become so chronic I can’t watch a full game because I get so excited and anxious. I’ve given myself some of the worst migraines I have ever had watching football. Now I watch the closer to the end and I mute the television. It helps.

Physical Triggers

There are a physical triggers such as tiredness, shift-work, poor quality of sleep, travel sickness, period pain, ovulating pain, strenuous exercise, hay fever and of course colds and flu. All of these trigger migraines for me (well apart from strenuous exercise lol) , what about you?

Environmental Triggers

Then comes the environmental triggers this can be bright lights, flickering screen, smoky room, loud noises, hot and cold weather, strong smells and even stuffy rooms. For me personally the smell of coffee, bleach and road works are the worst. Humid weather is also another one where I’m almost guaranteed to have a terrible migraine.

Medication Triggers

Then we have medication triggers which is slightly annoying sleeping tablets, contraceptive medication, HRT and even using An asthma inhaler have all been linked to migraines. For me personally I’ve tried several methods of contraception and they have all resulted in severe migraines so I know personally I have to stay away from those. Using my asthma inhaler also causes me migraines to be honest.

Dietary Triggers

Now let’s move onto the dietary triggers, so we all know missing meals or eating late can cause migraines along with dehydration, alcohol and caffeine but keep a look out for my next Migraine blog post it is all about migraines and foods. Coming Soon.


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