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The Truth Of Why I Really Started Blogging

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So here is the truth of why I really started blogging. I have always enjoyed writing, I don’t even know if am good at it.

To be honest, I don’t really care whether I am or not, I just know that I enjoy it and the way I was feeling the week before I started blogging, me enjoying it is all that matters.

I suffer from chronic migraines and when I say chronic I mean there have been times when I didn’t think I wake up in the morning but hey I’m still here and just learning to live with and through them and their symptoms.

So amongst the migraines and headaches, there were toxic friendships, a lack of confidence & purpose and debt.

But there were also dreams, hope and determination, with this I decided to start a blog.

The Original Plan

My original plan was to use some of my old writing from my pre migraine days and write more current material every fortnight (14 days means I would still be able to manage even if I am stuck in bed in the curled up rocking with a bloody nose and a migraine).

I even wondered if some of my work would be noticed and even brought, I soon snapped out of that day dream.

Then came the thought that maybe just maybe I could make money from my blog.

How The Plan Changed

After some research I realised that maybe I could pay off my debts via my blog.

I joined an affiliate group and started my debt free journey and to be totally honest I haven’t even made a pound a fortnight since doing this but I love it all the same.

So what that it hasn’t gone to plan something even better has come out of this, I have got some of my confidence and brain activity back and I even engage with people that don’t get angry at me if I am quiet for a few days.

Now I although it takes me over week sometimes two to write and/or audio type a blog post whilst wearing sunglasses it’s exciting. It’s not about followers, pins and likes, it’s about me having a purpose and loving me.


Yes the migraine still fuck up my plans and it is so difficult to make plans and schedules, strict tight deadlines rarely are met but you know what there are blog post that get published and I am proud of every single one of them.



As for those debts, erm yeah I kind of still need those affiliate links to be clicked.

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