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What I Did In The Last 45 Days

It’s mid heatwave 2022 1.0 aka Monday 18th July 2022 and I’m wisely hiding from the sun well directly anyway.
Chilling on my bedroom floor with the curtains closed and a glass of water feels about as perfect as it’s going to get today.

This vibe has had me thinking about the last few weeks and what I’ve done.

So, What I Did In The Past 45 Days – Let’s start from June 2022

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BBQ With The Family

We had a lovely family BBQ, they were regular occurrences but then Covid happened and as with most people things have taken a little time to get back to normal.

It was lovely to see my family members, it felt more like a reunion, to be honest.

As always the food, drinks, music, and laughter were flowing and everyone went home feeling blessed.


I won’t go into the whole migraine saga, if you have not heard about it yet you can check it out here.

The migraines are still coming and thankfully going but the treatment is extremely helpful.

It doesn’t completely remove them or the symptoms but very helpful. I’ve really been trying not to over do it but I have been a bit sloppy with avoiding triggers.

My Grandmother is hard to say no to, especially when it’s her cooking. Unfortunately for me, spicy is a migraine trigger, but for most West Indians, spices are essential – see the problem.

The heat was absolutely ridiculous which was torturous migraine wise and the sleepless nights were just as awful.
That on top of the standard migraine patterns means that the last 45 days were not great.

It’s so annoying because it affects everything, everything.

Hair Loss

I’ll tell you something that has really pissed me off, really upset me to the point of tears.
My hair.

My hair is falling out. Apparently, it is more than likely due to my migraine treatment.
Another example of blessings and curses.
My daughters did a little research and purchased some products for me I have added them below.

The loss has slowed down but I’m unsure if that’s due to the treatment wearing off or the products I have been using. Either way my hair as a whole feels amazing.

If you would like to know what hair products I use for my 4c hair check out my Amazon Wish List

I added all my personal favourites to my Wish List.

Amazon Prime Day

I was really excited that Amazon prime day was coming up, now you know what I’m like by now. I do not like wasting money (or time for that matter) so, I made a Amazon Wish List in preparation. The reason for this was to stop impulse buying but, then I discovered a hidden bonus.
You can share your Amazon Wish List with Family, friends and even strangers 👀. Yep and Amazon use a clever method here where they don’t share your address with the unknown or known buyer.

I don’t have a Sugar Person nor a string of wealthy people queuing to send me gifts but a) it was super fun and b) stranger things have happened.

Side Hustle

My ‘Exclusive Online Shopping Directory’ is my side hustle via the affiliate links. I’ll be honest with you (as always), things are really slow.
So I made a list a marketing ideas and started on the first 8 free ideas and cheap ideas.

I had flyers made and a couple local businesses have been amazing by letting me leave some in their shops.

I have sent friends some anonymously of course, only one friend know that I do this.

If you have a shop or mail order and would like to include my flyers please contact me and I’ll send you some.

Thank you in advance.


Yes, I did it. I opened a Monzo money pot to save up for a business idea. It’s a great way to save, keeping everything separate from temptation.

Buy Me A Coffee


Finally I completed the set up and linked ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ to my blog. To be honest, I decided to remove the button from my blog pages but kept it in the sidebar – I don’t know but it felt a bit too pushy. Have to have pride.


Final Thoughts...

Hopefully, the next month will be more productive.

What are your plans for the rest of the month?


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