When Our Children Go To University & What They'll Need. university shopping check list.
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When Our Children Go To University and What They’ll Need

Are you ready for when our children go to university? It is an exciting time but what about the other bits? Read my latest blog post ‘When Our Children Go To University & What They’ll  Need.’ and I will share my experience and my Off to University/ Student Shopping and Check List.

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When They Leave For Uni

It’s August and the time for us to wave our teenage children off to university is getting closer. As a Mother with the experience of four children going off to university I can truly say that it’s even worse than their first day of nursery, school both primary and secondary and their first sleepover.
I’m not going to lie to you, I found it quite distressing all four times, the quiet house, dull meals, no late night TV show discussions, no hugs, no mess 😂 (you’ll miss it), etc.
It is bitter sweet, I was (am) so proud of them, I wanted them to have the time of their lives, experience wonderful things, discover themselves and of course get an education but I was so sad to see them grow.

The closer it got to their start days I really encouraged and at times demanded 😂 family time. Lucky for us parents there is a bit of shopping preparation involved, and to be honest not only was it good bonding time but it also helped me prepare myself for this big change.

One surprising thing that I had never considered when mine were going to university and that was the skills and interests that they would gain from others especially their flat mates.

One taught their household how to cook chicken with rice and peas and learned how to make some super tasty Italian dishes, one came back a vegetarian and love for vacuuming, one returned loving mushrooms, one came back with a Yoga Mat and still uses it, … I could truly go on and on and that was such a lovely thing to watch. Plus you also get the opportunity to see your good work at teaching about respect, morals and ethics.

Before I Forget

A tip for lessening the load and task list

– Before the leaving date I book a click and collect from the new property local supermarket for all of the essentials washing up liquid, washing pods, salt, pepper and seasoning, etc.

– Book a delivery for the day of arrival for as much items as possible.

I try to shop from a max of 2 to 3 online sites to avoid a string of deliveries and to reduce carbon footprint in case of returns.

Here are my five go to sites when shopping for student living essentials…

The Student Shopping List / Checklist

This list started seven years ago and has been updated as the years have passed, whether they were in the student halls for the first year, Student Accommodation or the private renting the items on the lists were needed.

However I must add that the under-counter fridge was purchased secondhand part way through the year and this was because there was not enough space in the fridge for 8 people to share.

The ‘Off To University’ Student Shopping List’ has the living must-haves, you probably think it is a few things that you’ll need BUT it is not.

The ‘Off To University’ Student Shopping/ Check List.’

Check out my list and see if you missed anything:

Bedroom Space

Studying Space

Kitchen & Dining Area

Bathroom & Personals


  • Charity

    I don’t have any children but this is such a great post for someone who does and is about to send them off to a university!

  • Heidi Bruaw

    What a great list! It can be overwhelming to think of what they’ll need. I only have 7 more years until university for my oldest and I am already sad about it. Those years will go so fast. I’m sure I will miss even the smallest things. Okay, I’m already tearing up. :(

  • Isa A

    That’s a great list of shopping and a wow, to so much you do for your kids, blessed they are. That gets dull and quiet but also some more time at disposal to do a lot of things. The websites mentioned are great. Liked it!
    Isa A. Blogger

  • readandreviewit1

    This is such a great list! I’m actually off to uni in two weeks so this came at the perfect time, haha. I hadn’t thought about doing a click and collect for a supermarket but that’s such a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing x

  • Lauren

    This will be a helpful list for people going to university and for parents to help with their children. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.


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